Everyone dreams of earning a fortune.

While a lucky few achieve wealth beyond their wildest dreams, most of us have to settle for something a little more 'realistic', looking on in envy at rich celebs and their giant houses, fast cars and (in the case of Beyonce) $100,000 leggings.

To make us even greener, it appears that the great leveller - death itself - is no barrier for a superstar to earn a buck or two. Forbes has compiled it's annual list of the top-earning dead celebrities, who do you think is at number one?

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  • 11) Bettie Page

    $8 million Glamour Model Yes, we know we said 'Top Ten' but this pic of Bettie Page posing in front of some zebras was too good not to include.

  • 10) Steve McQueen

    $8 million Actor The 'Bullit' star died aged only 50.

  • 9) Theodor Geisel

    $9 million Author The creator of 'Dr Seuss'

  • 8) Marilyn Monroe

    $10 million Actress Conspiracy theories continue to surround the death of Monroe at the age of 36

  • 7) Albert Einstein

    $10 million Scientist The estate of Albert Einstein earns money manly through the licensing of his image to companies wanting to be associated with one of the greatest minds in history.

  • 6) John Lennon

    $12 million Singer/Songwriter The former Beatle was shot dead at the age of 40

  • 5) Bob Marley

    $17 million Singer/Songwriter The reggae legend has earned far more in death than he ever did when he was alive.

  • 4) Charles M. Schulz

    $37 million Cartoonist The Peanuts comic strip continues to do phenomenally well, 67 years after first being published.

  • 3) Elvis Presley

    $55 million Singer Elvis' Graceland home is the third most visited private house in America

  • 2) Michael Jackson

    $145 million Performer Three years after his death Jackson's legacy lives on. He now has a 'Cirque du Soleil' show in his memory.

  • 1) Elizabeth Taylor

    $245 million Actress Miles ahead of the competition, Taylor's posthumous worth is largely due to an auction of her art and jewellery that raked in $184 million.