If you're stuck for ideas for a costume this Halloween, don't resort to shaking talcum powder through your hair, before drastically hacking at your white bed linen.

Gothic accessories are gorgeous, cute and definitely as good as a 'proper costume'. So dig out that little black dress and go shopping for some seriously vampish wardrobe additions.

Here are HuffPost UK Lifestyle's top 39 ghoulish hits...

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  • Sugar Skull Ring

    £29 from <a href="https://www.tattydevine.com/">Tatty Devine</a>

  • Cat Headband

    £54 from <a href="https://www.tattydevine.com/">Tatty Devine</a>

  • Elvira Necklace

    Name necklaces start from £27.50 from <a href="https://www.tattydevine.com/">Tatty Devine</a>

  • Nail Wraps

    Halloween Collection nail wraps are priced at £7.99 per set and available from <a href="http://www.rebelnails.co.uk/">rebelnails.co.uk</a>

  • Gold Skeleton Hands Hoop Earrings

    £150 from <a href="http://www.culturelabel.com/skeleton-hands-hoop-earrings.html">CultureLabel.com</a>

  • Beetle Wing Necklace

    £150 from <a href="http://www.culturelabel.com/beetle-wing-necklace.html">CultureLabel.com</a>

  • Skulls & Orchids The Hard Way Bangle

    £290 from <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/silver-the-hard-way-bangle-by-skulls-and-orchids-37930025">Goldsmiths </a>

  • Daisy Knights's Silver Skull Ring

    £85 from <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/silver-skull-ring-by-daisy-knights-size-k-37900005">Goldsmiths</a>

  • Geometric Nail Wrap

    Frontcover sell nail wraps for £5 each (available exclusively from the <a href="http://www.frontcovercosmetics.com/buy-online/nail-art-accessories.html">Frontcover website</a>).

  • Skull Cufflinks

    Best of British Skulls & Orchids at <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/silver-skulpt-skull-cufflinks-by-skulls-and-orchids-37930013">Goldsmiths</a>,£115

  • Spooky Ghosts Nail Art

    <a href="http://www.nailtopia.co.uk/">Nailtopia</a> nail art, from £2.29

  • Spiderman Shatter Nail Polish

    OPI Two-Piece Spiderman Shatter Set from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/qvc.product.201546.html?cookie=set">QVC</a>, priced £22.50

  • Revenge of the Eyeball Ring

    £28 from <a href="http://www.culturelabel.com/revenge-of-the-eyeball-ring.html">CultureLabel.com</a>

  • Multi Chain Crystal Skull Necklace

    £48 By Butler & Wilson

  • Tease Me Volumising Drops

    <a href="http://www.nickyclarke.com/products/show-all/tease-me.html">£14.50 by Nicky Clarke</a>

  • Leather Crystal Snake Cuff Bangle

    £78.50 by Butler & Wilson from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/qvc.product.300738.html">QVC</a>

  • Crystal Snake Brooch

    £68 by Butler & Wilson from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/Butler-%26-Wilson-Crystal-Snake-Brooch.product.300754.html?sc=300754-SRCH&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-1-_-300754">QVC</a>

  • I Love Juicy Nail Polish

    Leighton Denny nail polish from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/qvc.product.201355.html?sc=Froogle&ref=fgl&source=froogle&cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-Google-_-Shopping-_-Beauty&utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=base">QVC</a>, £11.00

  • Sterling Silver Spider Pendant Necklace

    £34 by Diamonique from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/qvc.product.601761.html?sc=BazaarVoice">QVC</a>

  • Aarrghhhh Necklace

    £45 from <a href="https://www.tattydevine.com/">Tatty Devine</a>

  • Axe Stud Earrings

    £45 from <a href="http://www.culturelabel.com/axe-stud-earrings.html">CultureLabel.com</a>

  • Ghost Cufflinks

    £30 from <a href="https://www.tattydevine.com/">Tatty Devine</a>

  • Kirks Folly Wicked Season Of the Witch Pin

    £26 from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/qvc.product.334344.html">QVC</a>

  • Skulls & Orchids Skull ring

    'Best of British' Bobby White ring, £330 from <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/silver-skulpt-skull-ring-by-skulls-and-orchids-37930017">Goldsmiths</a>

  • Crystal Spider Necklace

    £48 by Butler & Wilson from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/qvc.product.338984.html">QVC</a>

  • Skeleton Hand & Enamel Heart Necklace

    £38 by Butler & Wilson from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/qvc.product.300931.html">QVC</a>

  • Blue Crystal Bangle

    'Best of British' Bobby White bracelet from <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/silver-secret-nights-blue-crystal-bangle-by-bobby-white-37990021">Goldsmiths</a>, £895

  • Crystal Skull & Bat Wing Brooch

    £48 by Butler & Wilson from <a href="http://www.qvcuk.com/qvc.product.339912.html?cookie=set">QVC</a>

  • Witch Hat Fascinator

    £14.50 from Etsy.com

  • Violent Eyes

    Eye makeup appliqués are <a href="http://www.violentlips.com/collections/violent-eyes">£6 for a pack of 8 </a>

  • Spider In A Web Necklace

    £380 by <a href="http://www.culturelabel.com/spider-in-a-web-necklace.html">CultureLabel.com</a>

  • Gold Plated Skull Stud Earrings

    'Best of British' Daisy Knights skull earrings from <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/gold-plated-skull-stud-earrings-by-daisy-knights-37900003">Goldsmiths</a>, £123

  • Coffin Clutch

    £11.99 by <a href="http://www.fancydress.com/costumes/Coffin-Clutch/0~285880~76">Angels Fancy Dress</a>

  • Siouxsie Necklace

    Name necklaces start from £27.50 from <a href="https://www.tattydevine.com/">Tatty Devine</a>

  • Bird Paper Eyelashes

    £12 from <a href="http://www.culturelabel.com/bird-eyelashes.html">CultureLabel.com</a>

  • 'Green Python' Umberto Giannini Nails

    £7 from <a href="http://www.boots.com/en/Umberto-Giannini/Painted-Lady-nails/">Boots</a>

  • Skull Cord Pendant

    'Best of British' Skulls & Orchids from <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/silver-skulpt-skull-cord-pendant-by-skulls-and-orchids-37930014">Goldsmiths</a>, £290

  • Mohawk Bracelet

    'Best of British' Skulls & Orchids bracelet from <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/silver-mohawk-knot-bracelet-by-skulls-and-orchids-37930000">Goldsmiths</a>, £45

  • Gold Plated And Ruby Crystal Pendant

    'Best of British' Bobby White pendant from <a href="http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/silver-skull-and-cross-pendant-by-skulls-and-orchids-37930004">Goldsmiths</a>, £695

We've also pulled together some top tips to creating a pumpkin-free Halloween party, for grown-ups

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  • Setting The Scene

    "Pewter goblets, old silver and cut crystal would all make Count Dracula feel right at home and dust sheets draped over furniture add a haunted house look. "Anything from ghostly Victorian photos to stuffed birds make a lovely finishing touch!" Julia Dowling, MD and Founder of <a href="http://www.snapdragonparties.com/">Snapdragon Parties</a>

  • Setting The Scene

    Using candles instead of normal lighting really adds to that eerie feel, but make sure you don't leave them unattended! Props such as <a href="http://www.fancydress.com/costumes/Bag-of-Bones/0~1081935~76">bones and skulls</a> and <a href="http://www.paperblanks.com/us/en/">old gothic books</a> are also spooky. You can purchase them by following the links.

  • Setting The Scene

    Cobwebs are a simple touch that will make any room look creepy.

  • Setting The Scene

    Replace everyday items with black alternatives to spook your guests. Replace flowers with <a href="https://www.partydelights.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProductID=HALLDEC197&MO=0&PMO=0">this black rose</a>, a light fitting with this <a href="http://www.partydelights.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProductID=LANT019">black paper lantern</a> or with candles as seen with the candelabra or candle holder (both <a href="www.johnlewis.com">John Lewis</a>)

  • Inviting Guests

    "Your invitations should be as sinister as you can make them: black bordered cards in true Victorian funeral style, cards shaped and designed like gravestones. "Small rolled maps with a date and time delivered in an apothecary bottle marked ‘Poison’ or even a small black box containing a cast of your (apparently) severed finger tied with a delicate black bow." Julia Dowling, MD and Founder of <a href="http://www.snapdragonparties.com/">Snapdragon Parties</a>

  • Drinks: Treacle Treat

    Recipe: Ingredients 50mls BACARDI OakHeart Dash of angostura bitters 2 t/s treacle sugar 15mls Apple Juice Method Stir all ingredients in a rocks glass - gradually add ice to dilute Details: BACARDI turns 150 this year and has launched a smooth, spiced rum called BACARDI OakHeart as part of the celebrations, great over ice or in cocktails. For more cocktail recipes visit <a href="www.bacardi.com">www.bacardi.com</a> RRP £18 for 70cl.

  • Drinks: The Black Russian Cat

    Soft, dark blackberries are the perfect addition to this tasty treat on Halloween. Recipe: 50ml Russian Standard vodka 3-4 Blackberries Juice of half a lime 3 tsp. Sugar Crushed Ice In a tumbler, mix the lime juice, sugar, and blackberries to create a paste. Top the glass with crushed ice, add the vodka, and stir well. Top with extra crushed ice and garnish with a few blackberries.

  • Drinks: Punch

    Whatever your tipple how about leaving something sinister at the bottom of the punch bowl to surprise your guests. Julia Dowling, MD and Founder of <a href="http://www.snapdragonparties.com/">Snapdragon Parties</a>

  • Drinks: Radish Bloody Mary

    A delicious Bloody Mary recipe complete with retro celery sticks and the requisite balance of fresh and bold flavours. This can be made to taste depending on your guest. The addition of the radish rubbing shoulders with the lime presents a really effective new twist to a classic drink. Recipe: Serves: 4 Preparation time: 5 minutes 100ml vodka 50ml sherry ½ tbsp freshly grated horseradish 25ml Worcestershire sauce Tabasco to taste ½ tsp celery salt Cracked black pepper to taste 750ml tomato juice 500g ice cubes 100g sliced radishes 1 lime cut into wedges 4 celery sticks to garnish Method: Mix together the vodka, sherry, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, celery salt, black pepper and tomato juice in a large jug. Fill another large jug with the ice, sliced radishes and lime wedges. Pour the liquid over the ice, and serve straight away in chilled glasses with celery sticks in them. Alternatively you can let your friends mix their own, depending on how spicy they like them!

  • Food: Bloody Brie

    Make your brie look gorey by adding extras such as seeds and raisins, or peppers and olives.

  • Food: Mouldy Cheese

    Rolling soft cheeses in dry herbs instantly gives them a mould-like appearance.

  • Food: Witches' Ribs

    Sticky, glossy and very tender, these witches’ ribs make a perfect Halloween treat to nibble on. Recipe: Serves: 4 Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour 55ml soy sauce 1 tbsp hoisin sauce 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce 1⁄2 tbsp sesame oil 50g (2oz) Lyle’s Trick Or Treacle 11⁄2 rounded tbsp Tate & Lyle’s golden caster sugar 2 cloves garlic, peeled & crushed 2 x 500g pork loin rack of ribs Method Combine the soy, hoisin and chilli sauces with the oil, treacle, sugar and garlic in a shallow non-­metallic tray. Add the pork ribs and turn them in the marinade to coat. Set aside for at least 1 hour, or overnight, covered in the fridge. Turn occasionally. Preheat the oven to 170°C/150°C Fan, 300°F, Gas Mark 3. Half-­‐fill the roasting tin with cold water and place it on the boPom of the oven. Arrange the ribs directly on the middle shelf of the oven, sitting above the pan of water. Transfer the remainder of the marinade into a small bowl. Roast the ribs for 1 hour, generously brushing the ribs every 15 minutes with the marinade. After 30 minutes turn the ribs over and continue bas#ting as before. Watch carefully during the last 10 minutes to make sure they don’t caramelise too much.

  • Food: Ghost Meringues

    Recipe: 5 large egg whites, at room temperature 115g caster sugar 115g icing sugar dark chocolate chips, to decorate Preheat the oven to 110°C/gas mark ¼. Line two baking trays with non-stick liner or baking parchment (meringue can stick on greaseproof paper and kitchen foil). Tip the egg whites into a large, clean mixing bowl (not plastic). Beat them on medium speed with an electric hand whisk until the mixture resembles a fluffy cloud and stands up in stiff peaks when the blades are lifted. Increase the speed of the whisk and start to add the caster sugar, a dessertspoon at a time. Continue beating for 3–4 seconds between each addition. It’s important to add the sugar slowly to prevent the meringue from oozing later, but don’t over-beat. When it is ready the mixture should be thick and glossy. Sift one-third of the icing sugar over the mixture, then gently fold it in with a big metal spoon or rubber spatula. Continue to sift and fold in the icing sugar, a third at a time. Don’t overmix. The mixture should now look smooth and billowy, almost like a snow drift. Scoop the mixture into a piping bag with a 1.5–2cm nozzle. Squeeze into ghost-like shapes about 3cm apart. Carefully add the chocolate chip ‘eyes’. Bake in the oven for 1½ hours so that the meringues are still white but can be lifted from the parchment without sticking. Turn off the oven, leave the door ajar and leave the meringues until cold. The meringues will now keep in an airtight tin for up to 2 weeks or frozen for a month. <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Clodaghs-Kitchen-Diaries-Delicious-Throughout/dp/085783147X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1350392232&sr=8-2">Via Clodagh's Kitchen Diaries: Delicious Recipes Throughout the Year</a>

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