Silvio Berlusconi, former three-term prime minister of Italy, was sentenced to four years behind bars on Friday over tax evasion charges.

Berlusconi, 76, has also been banned from running for office for three years for the offences.

Sadly, means we'll be much less likely to hear some of his legendary bizarre zingers about his bafflingly-active sex life or President Obama's "tan".

Just in case, here's some of his best...

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  • Form An Orderly Queue

    On his sexual appetite: "Last night I had a queue outside the door of the bedroom. There were 11 ... I only did eight because I could not do it anymore".

  • Far To Old For This

    On allegations that he entertained prostitutes at his villa: "Even though I am a little mischievous ... 33 girls in two months seems like too much even for a 30-year-old."

  • The 'At Least I'm Not Gay' Defence

    On allegations of philandering: "As always, I work without interruption and if occasionally I happen to look a beautiful girl in the face, it's better to like beautiful girls than to be gay".

  • Strengthening US-Italian Relations

    On President Obama: "I have to bring you some greetings, greetings from a man, what is his name - just a minute it was someone with a tan - Barack Obama," he said.

  • Italian-German Relations

    To German MEP Martin Schulz: "I know that in Italy there is a man producing a film on Nazi concentration camps - I shall put you forward for the role of Kapo - you would be perfect." A Kapo was a prisoner who worked alongside the Nazis in the concentration camps. Relations between Rome and Berlin would have been further strained after it was reported he referred to chancellor Angela Merkel an "un*****ble lard-arse".

  • And On Relations With His Own People

    Recorded in a tapped telephone call: "They can tap my telephone calls. I don't give a f*** ... I'm getting out to mind my own f***ing business, from somewhere else, and so I'm leaving this sh**ty country, of which I'm sickened."

  • Cheer Up!

    On the plight of victims of the Abruzzo earthquake: "Of course, their current lodgings are a bit temporary. But they should see it like a weekend of camping."

  • On Rape

    Why deploying the army would not stop rape: "We would need as many soldiers as there are beautiful girls in Italy - which we will never manage."

  • On His Many Trials

    "In absolute terms, I am the most legally persecuted man of all times, in the whole history of mankind, worldwide."

  • What Gaffes?

    "They're not gaffes. I've made no gaffes."