James Corden And Jack Whitehall Try Synchronised Swimming For 'A League Of Their Own' (PICS)

01/11/2012 10:54

James Corden and Jack Whitehall have indulged in a little synchronised cross-dressing aquatic shenanigans whilst filming the latest episode of 'A League of Their Own'.

A far from svelte Corden donned a flamingo-pink full body cossie and some rather fetching make-up as he strutted his stuff with a troupe of professional synchronised swimmers.

james corden

Spot the non-professional

Whitehall looked slightly less confident with his goggles and nose peg giving him the look of someone constantly teetering on the brink of a watery demise.

jack whitehall

Whitehall looked far from comfortable in the water

Out of the water Whitehall regained his composure, posing in a yellow mac.

jack whitehall

Whitehall: Much safer out of the water

Fellow game-show panellist, Jamie Redknapp, easily took the crown of the manliest looking of the three sticking to a traditional pair of swimming shorts.

a league of their own

Didn't fancy a two piece then, Jamie?


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