There are firework fails. And there's what happened at the community display in Oban, Scotland, last year.

Yes, as you head off to your local bonfire night fireworks display this weekend, cross your fingers and hope that what happened to the Oban residents doesn't happen to you.

Because a "technical hitch" meant that all the fireworks went off at the same time and the entire display was over in less than a minute.

Click play on the video above to see the unintentionally spectacular-slash-funny result. And when you're done, click play on the videos below, move away from the blue touch paper, and enjoy more firework japes and scrapes. Or as our American cousins call them: 'Pranks and tanks':

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  • Terrifying

    There were some minor injuries during this accident, but fortunately, nothing life-threatening. Although we're pretty sure this fireworks company won't be hired again.

  • Rapid Fire Fireworks

    Ok, this one is actually more of an epic win.

  • Roman candle showdown

  • Simple but effective

  • Tough talking kid gets pranked

    NSFW language

  • Toilet Firecracker

    NSFW language

  • This is why you don't stand above fireworks

    NSFW language