Bonfire Night: Food For After The Fireworks (RECIPES)

02/11/2012 17:35

Nothing beats a warming pie or a burger after a cold night at the fireworks.

But don't just throw something together. Take tips from Britain's best chefs and create a meal that goes with a bang.

From Marcus Wareing cheeseburgers, using ciabatta for the bun with a spreading of hummus and olive oil and topped off with some melted cheese and fried onions, to a cheddar pastry crust courtesy of Nathan Outlaw, these recipes will add sparkle to your night.

Top the whole whole thing off with Paul Ainsworth’s fantastic ‘Taste of the Fairground’ dessert, created for the BBC’s Great British Menu.

This playful take on two bonfire night classics involves homemade marshmallows and toffee apples. A wonderful bonfire night treat!

Simple Food To Eat On Bonfire Night
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