David Beckham Is Thick, Says New Zealand's PM John Key

03/11/2012 12:36

You can't deny David Beckham has achieved a lot in his life, but he has reportedly been branded a bit dim by the prime minister of New Zealand.

In an odd outburst against the footballing legend, Kiwi PM John Key told a group of schoolkids in the country that he had met Beckham when he made a visit to the country in December 2008.

Key explained that he had met the sports ace in person and he had been impressed when the star had spent 45 minutes chatting to his son Max. But overall, it seems David failed to make that much of an impression on him, as he went on to brand him as being "thick as bat s**t".

A source close to David and wife Victoria told the Mirror that if the story was true, then it was "pathetic".

The insider added: "For someone supposedly thick, David has done well to have become one of the world's most successful footballers and to be part of the bid to bring the Olympics to London. That doesn't sound like someone thick to me."

john key

John Key said Beckham was 'thick as bat s**t'

It is not the first time the PM has made a careless comment - in 2010 he came under fire in New Zealand for making offensive comments about the indigenous Maori people, making a joke about people wanting to eat him.

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