'X Factor': Axed Kye Sones Says 'Outsider' Christopher Maloney Must Be Voting For Himself

06/11/2012 09:01

Axed 'X Factor' contestant Kye Sones has laid into fellow singing hopeful Christopher Maloney accusing him of being an 'outsider' who plays up to the camera and reckons the only reason he's still in the competition is because he must be voting for himself!

When asked when asked why he thought the scouse hopeful was still in the competition, Kye told The Sun: "God knows. He must have an expensive phone bill"

kye sones

Kye reckons Christopher Maloney must be voting for himself to stay in the competition

And the 30-year-old former chimney sweep also accused Chris of being a very different person off camera.

christopher maloney

Kye says Christopher is 'tactical' and an 'outsider'

And Kye also accuses Chris of being old fashioned, telling Yahoo OMG: "I think Chris is the only person in the Overs that is a stereotypical Overs category contestant.

"This year I wanted to change the perception of the Overs and make it credible and cool and I think that's what Gary wanted as well.

Kye isn't the first axed contestant to lay into Christopher Maloney - MK1 weren't his biggest fans either...


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