Barack Obama, George Clooney, Colin Firth, Daniel Craig... They're All One Of Six Types, Apparently - Which One Are You?

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These days it's all about branding, we're reliably told - and it seems that can extend even to the most intimate of friendships and groups.

Now, some clever sociologists working for Chivas Regal have had a look at male friendship groups and written a massive scary-looking report.

In a nutshell, they've come up with six categories, into which each and every chap can be slotted. You thought you were just a normal bloke? Think again. Thought you were an eccentric individual who broke the mould of mankind? Forget it. Apparently, you're one of the following (and I imagine there's a female equivalent to all of these, too).

So, with the aid of the laboratory, here are the categories and three helpful examples of each....

The 6 Man Types, Apparently...
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Do you agree with the boffins? Let us know. And you can read the whole report here at

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