One Direction's Harry Styles' Tattoo Collection Grows As He Has Sparrows Inked On His Chest (PICS)

08/11/2012 13:12

Harry Styles has only been back in the US for 24 hours but he has wasted no time in heading straight to the tattoo parlour to add to his ever-growing collection of inkings.

The One Directioner was spotted getting some more body art done at a Shamrock Tattoo in West Hollywood last night.

harry styles tattoos

Harry was seen after getting inked at a Hollywood tattoo parlour

And the latest additions to his body are his biggest yet, having two massive sparrows etched on his chest and a big heart at the top of his arm.

He's reportedly added some more stars to his left arm too.

harry styles

Harry had to be escorted through the screaming crowds as he left the tattoo parlour

At this rate he'll be giving David Beckham a run for his money.

Whose Tat is That?

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