The Wanted: 'We're Skint'. Boyband Admit They're Not Millionaires... Unlike One Direction

09/11/2012 08:25

Pop stars are famed for their millionaire lifestyles, flash motors and sprawling mansions, but The Wanted have revealed they're actually skint.

The five piece found fame with their debut single 'All Time Low', which was a worldwide hit, and they've since made it big in America.

But a meeting with their accountant yielded a shock revelation - they're not sitting on piles of cash and are actually broke.

the wanted

'Lend us a tenner': The Wanted reckon their penniless

Singer Jay McGuiness told Alan Carr: "We met our accountant the other day. It was so depressing. It took him two hours to say: 'Boys, you're skint.'"

Rivals One Direction recently claimed they are "worth millions" and The Wanted's Max George added: "They are. We're not."

However, the group are grateful to 1D for paving the way for the new wave of boybands.

Nathan Sykes insisted: "It is down to One Direction. We're jumping on the bandwagon."

The full interview is set to air on 'Chatty Man' tonight.

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