Following George Entwistle's resignation from the BBC speculation has been rife over who will take up the top job.

Media commentators have weighed in with their runners and riders. Should it be a journalist or a businessman?

Who has the talent, the charisma, the leadership and the gravitas to navigate the embattled broadcaster through these troubled times and placate the licence fee payers baying for blood?

Huff Post UK has imagined up a few potential candidates for you, dear reader. People with time on their hands, with experience in dealing with the media; strong characters with a talent for making the headlines.

Take a quick flick through a couple of candidates who may be interested in the job.

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  • Rowan Williams for DG?

    Rowan Williams would be able to step up the job after leaving his post as the Archbishop of Canterbury. Although able to provide the BBC with ethical direction in the wake of the latest scandal, punters might find the Christmas coverage might be a little more zealous than Auntie's usual offering. Also the birth of Jesus Christ isn't really breaking news.

  • Qatada for Director General

    Qatada might be the man for the job after being released on bail from his high security prison. He's electronically tagged, so licence payers will be able to track the movements of the director general (perhaps a BBC app?) and he's used to the media attention. A controversial choice, certainly, but the right one?

  • Blair For DG

    He led the country through troubled times before, could he be the man to steer the Beeb through the latest scandal? Used to making headlines, could he be the man to break them? *just don't tell Gordon

  • Assange for DG

    With time on his hands, journalistic experience and top connections, it's miracle Assange hasn't been snapped up already! Oh yes. There is the niggling matter of him being holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy and awaiting extradition to Sweden on sexual offence charges. Well, maybe he could lead by videolink.

  • The Dimbleby Brothers

    Two for the price of one, David and Jonathan should have the DGship sorted between them.

  • Nadine Dorries

    If Nadine thought I'm a Celeb was a "publicity gift" imagine how elated she'll feel to have the whole of the BBC at her disposal?! Suspended from the Conservative party, she'll certainly be looking to affiliate herself with another organisation: could the Beeb be the one?

  • Mitt Romney for DG

    Poor Romney. Pots of money, family connections, good looks and he still can't get the top job. Having failed as the president of the United States could the director general job be a sop for his wailing soul?

  • Rebekah Brooks For DG

    Could Brooks be the gal to gallop to the top? She won't mind taking a smaller salary after her £7m payoff from News International and with connections Cameron in her 'most dialled' she'll be LOLing all the way to the Director General's office. Surely.

  • Paxman

    An internal candidate Paxman would be ideal for the job. In the midst of the current scandal the Beeb needs Paxo's no nonsense style from a leader. Plus, he could interview himself, in front of a mirror. Would be worth it just for that really.

  • Balding for DG

    Balding is the nation's sweetheart after presenting the Olympics coverage with such panache, fervor and intellect. No one would dare mess with such a fearsome reporter and plus, the BBC sports coverage would probably get really really really good. Might even beat Sky.

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