Kylie Minogue Pulls Off Double Denim As She Shows Off Her Most Famous Asset (PICS)

14/11/2012 10:56

Double denim can be a tricky trend to pull off, but being a seasoned style pro Kylie Minogue managed to do it with aplomb as she appeared on a US TV show yesterday.

Kylie - who has so far had mixed success in America - joined 'X Factor USA' host Mario Lopez on 'Exra', where she proved her most famous ass-et was still very much in tact.

kylie minogue

Getting down to some bump and grind, the 44-year-old's curves were perfectly highlighted by her choice of tight denim.

kylie minogue

She told them: "It's a little different with you Americans because you have a different agenda, it's not like [in the UK] where I've been in people's living rooms every day for years - so, [doing interviews] can be refreshing at times.

"But having started doing this kind of thing at 18, I've been stung enough times to just be wary. I try to be open. I try to find a balance."

Style Evolution: Kylie Minogue

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