Ecuadorians Try But Fail To Enter Donkey As Election Candidate (VIDEO)

16/11/2012 10:44 GMT

They may not have received the blanket coverage of the US election, but the presidential election in Ecuador is in full swing. And it's weird.

A bunch of young Ecuadorians attempted to enter Senor Burro - 'Mr Donkey' - into the ballot on Thursday. Unfortunately, they weren't allowed.

Arriving at an electoral office with the donkey, police refused the animal entry, saying: "Allowing [the donkey] to come in would be disrespectful to the National Electoral Council."

ecuador donkey

Senor Burro pictured shortly before a rousing stump speech and baby kissing event

The donkey was put forward as a stunt, a reminder to Ecuadorian voters of the importance of choosing the right candidate.

The, err, Mr Donkey 'support group leader' Daniel Molina said: "What we simply want, on behalf of all the youth here, is to make a call to people to raise consciousness about voting."

The real question is: Would the donkey have earned more votes than any of the PCC election candidates? Or even won the Corby by-election? Sadly, we'll never know.