Cheryl Cole: 'No Girls Aloud Backstage At O2 Gig'

19/11/2012 08:35

Cheryl Cole had one backstage diva demand before performing at the O2 in London: no Girls Aloud!

The singer was too worried about performing for thousands of fans to even think about inviting her friends backstage for a catch-up before her big solo show at the arena last month.

cheryl cole

So she laid down the law with her team, giving strict instruction to ban her bandmates from coming anywhere near her.

"When I finish everyone can come backstage for a drink, but do not come anywhere near me before. And that includes the girls. It's enough trying to perform for up to 20,000 people - giving that amount of energy is hard. If you feel emotional on top of that, it's worse. I knew if they saw me they'd say: 'You're going to be amazing' and I'd blub and then I'd be no good.

girls aloud

Cheryl with the girls

But the Geordie was definitely up for some quality time with Girls Aloud this weekend - the girl group hit the town together on Saturday to celebrate the 31st birthdays of Sarah Harding and Kimberley Walsh.

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