'The Only Way Is Essex' star Lauren Pope has confessed she couldn't enter the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle because she'd "look so awful in it".

The reality TV star and DJ sympathises with former soap star Helen Flanagan, who's currently being subjected to repeated Bushtucker trials from the "evil" public.

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK, Lauren said: "I saw a bit of the trials that Helen had to do, poor girl. Out of everything I'd rather do 'I'm A Celeb' than 'Big Brother', but I couldn't eat those things."

lauren pope

Lauren Pope at the Twilight premiere

And she added: "I hate spiders, I hate snakes, plus I would just look so awful in it. No tan, no make-up, no hair spray, it would just be hideous."

Lauren, who recently turned 30 and says she now cares "less about silly things", is currently gearing up for a live Christmas special with her 'TOWIE' co-stars.

She confessed she also has fears about that: "Falling flat on my face, saying something I shouldn't... Everyone just jumping out and having a go at you. Anything can happen."


Gemma Collins, Lauren Pope, Sam Faiers, Joey Essex and Cara Kilbey of The Only Way is Essex

The perma-tanned star promises the Christmas special will be more real than normal: "Nothing can be edited out. It's all one chance. I'm terrible, if I'm angry the words just come out of my mouth and I think my mum's going to kill me. Maybe I should warn her before this one."

Original 'TOWIE' cast member Amy Childs, who brought us the wonderful 'vagazzle', is rumoured to be returning for the festive episode. Would Lauren like to see her back on her turf?

"We find out when you guys do. I didn't know Kirk was coming back the other day till I saw it on TV. We are kept in the dark as well to make it more real so it's a genuine reaction," she explains.

But she admits: "I think it will be good for everyone to come back at some point, whether it will be good right now I don't know, but I think she'll make an appearance of some sort."

Asked how long she thinks the ITV2 show can go on for before it runs out of nightclub spats and beauty treatments, Lauren says: "I don't know, we all thought it would finish after a couple of series and now we're going into series 8 next year.

"I think they'll have to keep bringing in new people. Once the Christmas special is out the way, we'll all know what the situation is next year."

Lauren is currently working on a web TV show to promote the Motorola Razr i.

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