We all know Wednesday's #Demo2012 was a bit of a washout - and yes, before you protest, we're talking about the weather.

Bleak, raining and situated on a muddy field in Zone 2 (the horror), there wasn't much there to cheer us up bar some witty placards and a few amusing chants.

So, we've selected the cream of the crop and brought to you the best bits of #Demo2012:


'This S**t Wouldn't Happen In Hogwarts': Funniest Student Protest Signs

NUS' Vicki Baars Apologies After Bonfire 'Death Chants'

Naked Montreal Students' Tuition Fee Protest In Pictures

Students Hold Naked Protest Against Anti-Muslim Film

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  • Charming!

    Again, courtesy of those @Galleonnews, <a href="http://www.galleonnews.com/demo2012/">Portsmouth's student paper</a>

  • Courtesy of the lovely people at Portsmouth's Student paper <a href="http://www.galleonnews.com/demo2012/">The Galleon</a>

  • Leeds Uni

    "Antony Haddley @AntHaddley @HPUKStudents here's the @LeedsUniUnion banner - the text was all submitted by out students! 200 attended yesterday."

  • Cat cuts

    "@HPUKStudents one of favourites from yesterday #demo2012"

  • Liverpool Bridge

    Picture of #Demo2012, submitted by Liverpool Uni student James Woods

  • Liverpool Uni placards

    Picture of #Demo2012, submitted by student James Woods

  • To the tune of Call Me Maybe

  • Er, we're not sure either..

  • Pretty straightforward

  • One of our faves

  • Ahhh Mastercard

  • Ahem..

  • "If Hogwarts is free, why should we pay?"

  • Bit of MJ

  • "Students circle of trust". [Outside circle] "Cameron, Clegg"

  • Cuts are 4 emos

  • Someone promoting London Tours?!

  • Pleb, scoundrel, student.. who knows

  • That's nice dear

  • We're afraid

  • Duno, guess not

  • Good for you!

  • Indeed