Sam Corcoran Takes The Worst free-Kick Ever For Chelmsford At Hayes & Yeading (VIDEO)

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Sam Corcoran, following on from Neymar's worst penalty ever last week, has come up with a candidate for the worst free-kick ever during Chelmsford City's game at Hayes & Yeading.

It may not be a conversion-like effort which knocked over someone outside the ground, but the comedy factor is in tact due to what happened after Corcoran's effort.

Sam Corcoran
Have they really just shown my freekick on bbc news!!!

His embarrassing slip, followed by his pathetic flick of the ball, sparked a counter-attack which resulted in Hayes punishing his awful set-piece with a goal.

Chelmsford lost 3-0 in the Blue Square South League fixture to make it a miserable night for Corcoran.

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