Canada's Mark Carney has been appointed as the Bank of England governor in a surprise snatch from across the Atlantic.

Huff Post UK's Canadian cousins were unhappy with the surprise appointment, writing that Britain had "stolen" the head of the Bank of Canada to lead the British institution.

Business editor Daniel Tencer described Carney as the "superstar of the financial world, credited with helping Canada to weather the banking and economic crises of recent years better than nearly any other developed country."

So while Britain is plundering the country's natural resources, Huff Post UK has come up with 10 other things we'd like to swipe from Canada.

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  • Ryan Gosling

    Dreamy Gosling should be poached from Canada and live permanently on British shores so all of England can enjoy how cute he will look wrapped up in winter woolies.

  • Maple Syrup.

    This sweet amber liquid makes pretty much any dish better. Especially on streaky bacon. Mmmmm. Sorry Canada, we're taking it.

  • Dramatic Landscapes

    Bored of this green and pleasant land? Nevermind, we can nick some breathtaking and awe-inspiring vistas from Canada's rugged plains.

  • Star Trek's William Shatner

    Captain Kirk. What a legend.

  • Your Heart Will Go On

    Yeah, OK, we know what you're thinking. But Celine Dion was a major factor in making the Titanic the emotional film it was.

  • Kim Cattrall

    She was born here, she kicks butt as Samatha in Sex and the City and we want her back.

  • Lumberjacks

    Strong powerful rugged wood cutters can come chop up our forests anytime.

  • Mounties

    These colourful mounted police already swear allegiance to the Queen. Let's just steal them completely.

  • The Majestic Moose

    Look at this powerful majestic moose. So much better than a bloody pigeon and would really put Trafalgar Square on the map.

  • Pammy

    Ok so all the stuff after Baywatch has been a bit crazy. But she's still a babe.