From small-portion diets to six-week intensive weight-loss systems that involve cold baths and no breakfast, 2012 has been another fabulous year for the fad diet.

As old-school fetish diets such as Atkins have taken a bit of a beating, others have happily jumped in to take their place.

But what's in store for 2013? We've picked out the best of the new diets hitting those Amazon shelves.

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  • Neotone Clothing, Fitness And Eating Plan

    The latest diets don't just involve eating and fitness programmes, now you need special clothes to help you burn that weight. According to the manufacturers of <a href="">Neotone</a> shorts, their exercise wear incorporates the latest in "fabric engineered technology" to encourage your body to perspire at the optimal range to achieve the figure you want. Of course, they only work when combined with Neotone's Nutrition Guide and Exercise Plan :) There's no short cut ladies!

  • Baby Body Plan

    At the end of 2012, diet delivery company MyFood launched a fresh food diet for new mothers called the <a href="">Baby Body Plan</a>. Nutritionists behind the eating plan say it's suitable for both breast feeding and bottle feeding mums, and will help young mums to regain their figures, boost energy levels and ensure they are getting all of the right nutrients during this important time. The plan incorporates three freshly prepared meals a day plus delicious snacks, which ensure mums are getting exactly the right amount of calories and nutrients and of course takes the time and worry away regarding food shopping, cooking etc.

  • The FAB Diet

    Something about Rosemary Conley's approach to diet and fitness must work, as this year she became the oldest person (at 65) to make it to week 6 in ITV’s Dancing on Ice. The diet maven claims her latest diet (<a href="">The Fab Diet</a>) speeds up weight loss like never before. It is so versatile it caters for all tastes and lifestyles. You can select from the ‘High Protein’ or ‘Carb-based’ menu plans or go for vegetarian choices. There are also ready meals and desserts to choose from.

  • Weightogogo

    Weightogogo is a new 66-day weight loss programme from London-based hypnotherapist Claire Benson. Rather than doesn't tell you what to eat, instead it encourages you to reclaim your own power and find a way of eating that suits you. Well, that's what it says on the packet! It launches on January, 1 2013 and will be available on Kindle from Amazon and iTunes book store.

  • The Sweet Poison Quit Plan

    After David Gillespie managed to lose more than five stones in weight, he decided to write a diet book... about the evils of sugar. Sweet Poison by David Gillespie comes out in the UK in January and highlights the dangers of hidden sugars in our diets that can make us fat. There is no UK website yet, but you can head <a href="">here</a> for more info.

  • Clean And Lean: Warrior

    With clients that include David Gandy, Elle Macpherson, Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley and Hugh Grant, as well as countless businessmen and sports stars, James Duigan likes to be known as one of the world’s leading authorities in fitness and nutrition. Now, in this next instalment of his bestselling Clean and Lean series he shows men how to find their inner warrior and get strong, lean and fighting fit. And how to get out of lakes safely.... <a href="">Buy here now</a>.

  • Drop Zone Diet

    According to the author of the <a href="">Drop Zone Diet</a>, which comes out in paperback January 2013, this weight-loss system can help you drop 14 pounds in 14 days! Jeanette Jackson is a nutritional biochemist who designed the diet for celebrities and models looking to shed the weight ready for a photo shoot or a casting. Sounds perfect for kick-starting the year!

  • Miracle Berry

    This diet book promises to help readers eliminate sugar from their favorite comfort foods without sacrificing flavour. Apparently, with just one organic, all-natural miracle berry, you can cook 150 meals that will completely transform your diet. <a href="">Perhaps it's time to pre-order a copy?</a>

  • The S Factor Diet

    TV journalist Lowri Turner's approach to losing weight is published in the New Year. The <a href="">S Factor Diet</a> includes five simple keys to dieting, such as identifying our weight-loss heroes and learning to enjoy filling food.

  • The Green Smoothie Miracle

    Feeling as though your diet needs pepping up? Well, perhaps this diet book could help you loose weight and drive up your energy levels. <a href="">Green smoothies</a> are made from leafy greens so you'll up your intake of veggies while filling up on fat-free goodness!

  • The Milf Diet

    HuffPost UK Lifestyle just love the name of this diet! According to the publishers, a true milf is confident, sexy, and radiates natural femininity. And by eating whole, plant-based foods, you, too, can find balance and dynamic health, and unleash your <a href="">inner MILF</a>. Might be just the thing for January 2013!

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