We've spent the week scouring through picture desks* so you don't have to! So sit back and enjoy this week's round-up of silly snaps. (Warning: may contain images of royalty.)

*Amazing what you can find. Paperclips, mostly.

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  • Worst. Staring Match. Ever.

  • One nation - two stooges.

  • Oh god. David Cameron is <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/10/10/david-cameron-bob-dylan-funny-picture_n_1953580.html">doing 'casual' again</a>...

  • ...although we're not sure we're that keen on 'Tory formal', either.

  • Don't worry, David, we wouldn't know where to look either. Oh, wait: you do!

  • The Duchess of Cambridge immediately begins to regret her new haircut.

  • Alcoholics celebrate the arrival of Christmas in Covent Garden.

  • As the Rod Hull rumours circulate, another potential witness is called in for questioning.

  • And you thought it was only Prince Phillip who made fun of the Chinese!

  • Boris Johnson: now embarrassing us abroad, too.

  • Frighteningly lifelike. Those two guards about to apprehend them, that is.

  • Contestants share grooming tips at Cuba's equivalent of Crufts.

  • Joe Biden's security staff can take no more of his incessant flirting.

  • What's better than Jesus's face in toast? <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/11/27/meerkat-faces-spotted-garden-fence-pamela-warriner-dover_n_2196848.html?utm_hp_ref=pics--giggles">Meerkat faces in a fence!</a>

  • Another day, another chance for Prince Charles to mingle with the masses. And get a free lunch.

  • Now, we <em>could</em> try to explain this photo to you. But we'd rather not.

  • Look at that hilarious man! And Jamie Oliver in the foreground!

  • Reasons for Britain's obesity epidemic, no. 342. Or possibly: a press call for pies.

  • "For me? But I'm only a princess!"

  • Yoko Ono unveils her latest fashion design: "The Wall-E".

  • "And what do you do?" asked the hedge.

  • Freddie Flintoff: cricketer, boxer, his own waxwork likeness.

  • Boris Johnson: lover, cricketer, all out for 24.

All images Press Association unless otherwise credited