Sharon Stone Poses With NYC Firefighters In Between Filming 'Fading Gigolo' With Sofia Vergara (PICS)

30/11/2012 11:05

Sharon Stone made a group of New York firefighters very happy yesterday when she posed for photos and chatted to them during a break from filming her latest movie, 'Fading Gigolo'.

sharon stone

Sharon Stone meets some of the NYC Fire Department

Sharon - dressed in a tiny skirt and fake fur coat - is currently filming with Colombian actress Sofia Vergara.

The 'Modern Family' star was spotted on set wearing even less than Sharon as she showed off her assets in a lacy bra. One saucy scene is said to feature both leading ladies in a threesome.

sofia vergara

Sharon's co-star, Sofia Vergara

According to reports, this could be Sharon's last film. The actress reportedly wants to slow down after her recent health scare which resulted in her being rushed to hospital with severe head pains during a trip to Milan.

Sharon - who suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2001 - recently sold her Beverly Hills home in a first step to her quitting her showbiz life.

sharon stone

Sharon's model boyfriend, Martin Mica, joined her on set

“Being hospitalized in a foreign coun­try scared the hell out of Sha­ron.

“She put on a brave front, but behind the scenes, she’s a nervous wreck. That’s why she sold her home and is re-evalu­ating her life.

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