'X Factor' Finalist James Arthur In Twitter Spat With Frankie Boyle

03/12/2012 11:26

We do love a good Twitter spat here at HuffPost Celeb and this week's comes courtesy of 'X Factor' finalist James Arthur and comedian Frankie Boyle who got into a right old war of words over the weekend.

james arthur frankie boyle

War of words: James Arthur and Frankie Boyle

It all kicked off after Frankie tweeted that James looked like a 'cross between a tramp and a duckling'.


And why stop at one insult when you have another to serve up...?

Oh dear.

But James wasn't about to take that kind of thing lying down, responding with: "Poor old man making yet more s**t jokes about Xfactor because he knows that's the only way he can get attention any more #prat."

But Boyle was unrepentant and continued the spat, tweeting: "I think if I wanted attention I'd sing covers on a talent show, inked up like a schooldesk in a remedial class."

To which James responded: "Your about as funny as aids.

"Your a sad man and I can't wait to see you coz it's about time someone gave you a reality check."

That sounds like fighting talk to these ears.

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old 'X Factor finalist has said he'd have preferred to have stayed in a Premier Inn instead of London's posh Corinthia hotel during his time on 'The X Factor' because it would have meant he'd have had more success with the ladies.

james arthur 2

James was spotted getting cosy with a mystery brunette last week

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