These photos may be your last chance to glimpse sharks, dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat as so many of these magnificent marine animals are under threat.

Pictures showing bloodied jaws of sharks, snapping turtles or looming manta rays distort public perception and make it easier for them to be slaughtered for their skin, meat and bones.

However these serene and majestic pictures of underwater wildlife, commissioned by marine conservation charity Bite Back, celebrate the power and beauty of the oceans while drawing attention to urgent conservation issues.

tiger shark

This tiger shark picture avoids sensationalism but captures the beauty of the creature

Co-presenter of Last Chance to See with Stephen Fry and calendar contributor, Mark Carwardine, said: “For far too long the public’s perception of sharks has been shaped entirely by Hollywood films and sensational newspaper headlines. I want my images to challenge the common-held myths about sharks and, instead, communicate the serenity and majesty of these creatures so that a conservation message can resonate with the audience.”

According to Bite-Back, the images in the calendar are a perfect illustration of what we could lose if over-fishing is allowed to continue.

The 2013 Bite-Back calendar costs £7.99 and is available at

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  • Basking Shark - Alex Mustard

    January - Basking Shark, UK by Alex Mustard

  • Common Dolphin - Chris Fallows

    February - Common Dolphins, South Africa by Chris Fallows

  • Tiger Shark - Jim Abernethy

    March - Tiger Shark, Bahamas -by Jim Abernethy

  • SpermWhale - Amos Nachoum

    April - Sperm Whale, Dominica by Amos Nachoum

  • Blue Shark - Brian Skerry

    May - Blue Shark, USA by Brian Skerry

  • Green Sea Turtle - David Fleetham

    June - Green Sea Turtle, Hawaii by David Fleetham

  • Great White Shark - Mark Carwardine

    July - Great White Shark, Guadeloupe by Mark Carwardine

  • Manta Ray - Doug Perrine

    August - Manta Ray, Maldives by Doug Perrine

  • Blacktip Reef Sharks - Stephen Frink

    September - Blacktip Reef Sharks, French Polynesia by Stephen Frink

  • Cuttlefish - Jason Isely

    October - Broadclub Cuttlefish, Malaysia by Jason Isley

  • Tiger Sharks - David Doubilet

    November - Tiger Sharks, Australia by David Doubilet

  • Whale Shark - Adam Broadbent

    December - Whale Shark, Maldives by Adam Broadbent