2012's Best Light Art In Pictures

05/12/2012 15:44

There's some art which thrives in the cold, dark, not-quite-snowy-enough days of December, and we're not talking about the lightbulb display down Oxford Street.

HuffPost Culture fave David Gilliver has been photographing stunning light art for an entire year as part of his '366 Project'. With less than a month from completion, we've had a little look at how he's getting on.

David Gilliver Light Photography

Commenting on the project, Gilliver said: "The basic premise of the project sounds easy as outlined above, but for some reason I found it incredibly difficult to keep my 366 Project alive at times."

"This was down to various reasons including days when my creative juices were simply just not flowing, or days when other commitments meant that I had very limited time to think about taking a photograph."

It's all, Gilliver says, part of the challenge, which has also seen him improve his camera skills. While these abstract light images are stunning, Gilliver's also captured moments which have illuminated his 2012 for different reasons, such as wedding speeches and family deaths and births. He says it has become "a year [he] will never be able to forget."

We've rounded up the other great light art we've enjoyed this year, check it out below.

Stonehenge Turned Into A Technicolour Lightshow By Artist Marc Bowyer-Briggs
Mesmerising Light Art
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