It's the time of year when newspaper supplements are full of Christmas shopping advertisements guides, such as 'Gifts For The Man In Your Life', 'Gifts For The Woman In Your Life' and 'Gifts For The Cat In Your Life (Don't Worry, We're Sure You'll Have A Partner Soon)'.

Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, however, we like to think that comedy transcends gender - if not species - and, as such, we have compiled a list of comedy Christmas gifts that can hopefully be appreciated by both sexes.

And by 'comedy Christmas gifts' we do, of course, mean: comedy films, books, CDs and stand-up DVDs. Not these sorts of comedy gifts.

So if you're after some shopping inspiration, click through our guide to some of the biggest and best releases of the year. We're sure you're bound to find something you'd like to buy for yourself, too - so go on, treat yourself! It's what Jesus would have wanted.

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  • Peter Serafinowicz: A Billion Jokes

    Master of the one-liner, master of Twitter, <a href="">@serafinowicz</a>'s book is a collection of gag after brilliant gag - with beautiful accompanying illustrations. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Sarah Millican: Thoroughly Modern Millican

    The woman with the best-selling female comedy DVD of all time is back - and likely to do the double with her marvellous new 2012 release.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Woody Allen: A Documentary

    A wonderful insight into the life and work of Woody Allen - featuring interviews (including with the great man himself - a rarity), classic clips and more. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • The Thick Of It - Complete Collection

    What's that, you say? All four series of The Thick Of It in one, briefcase-shaped boxset? What a f***king ominshambles. (By which we do of course mean: 'brilliant idea'.)<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Stewart Lee: Carpet Remnant World

    A critical hit at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, Lee's latest show is the usual masterclass in standup.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Texts From Dog

    It was a blog! And now it's a cartoon! And in between it's become a book! October Jones's exchanges with his selfish, simple bulldog are this year's must-have stocking filler.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • The Muppets

    They returned to the big screen - and now it's yours to own for the small screen. A delight - and not just because of Bret McKenzie's award-winning songs. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Alan Partridge: Mid Morning Matters

    Now collected so you don't have to wade through YouTube, these 11-minute gems (featuring Tim Key as Alan's new sidekick) are up there with Coogan's finest Partridge work. Aha!<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Private Eye Annual 2012

    The Eye goes from strength to strength - and not just in its circulation figures. Enjoy some of its best stories, cartoons and more in this year's collection.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Hunderby

    Forget Downton Abbey - what you need is this wonderful costume drama spoof, created by evil genius Julia Davies (of Nighty Night fame).<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Demetri Martin - Standup Comedian

    If you like your standup on CD, then check out Martin's new album - the usual mix of great routines and guitar jokes. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Dara O'Briain: Craic Dealer

    The delightful, down-to-earth Irish comedian and Mock The Week host releases his latest tour set on DVD. And it's a craic-er.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Caitlin Moran: Moranthology

    Moran follows her How To Be A Woman success with the first-ever collection of her always-funny writing. Subjects include caffeine, Ghostbusters and big hair. Of course.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!

    A sure-fire family hit this Christmas, Pirates! might ostensibly be for kids - but it's funny as hell, too. Plus it's by Aardman, and it stars the voice of Brian Blessed. What's not to love?!<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Twenty Twelve - Series 1 & 2

    Both series of what's arguably a modern classic: the very funny imagined behind-the-scenes look at the preparation of London for the 2012 Olympics.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Jack Whitehall Live

    It's hard to believe that this is Whitehall's first live DVD, such is his omnipresence - but here it is, in all its precocious glory. A must-buy for all Fresh Meat fans/teenage girls.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Friends With Kids

    Good romcoms were thin on the ground this year (as every year) - but a star in the firmament was Jennifer Westfeldt's 'Friends With Kids' (featuring a cast that reads like Bridemaids Reunited).<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Danny Baker: Going To Sea In A Sieve

    Not just the perfect gift for a discerning family member, but also yourself. Go on, treat yourself to the DJ's wonderful memoirs.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • The Daily Mash: Mind Control Ping-Pong

    The Mash rounds up its funniest stories of the year in one handy offline collection. Includes Jeremy Clarkson-bashing. Need we say more?<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Red Dwarf X

    Rimmer and Lister return - for six episodes in front of a live studio audience. A must-buy for all Red Dwarf fans in the family (and there's always at least one).<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick)

    Comedy geeks will love this celebration of Amnesty International's legendary Secret Policeman's Ball shows - a collection of scripts of the greatest sketches, monologues and more, from the Pythons to Eddie Izzard. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • South Park - The Complete 15th Season

    The South Park boys are back, and show no sign of getting any less funny (although be ready to wince at the horrific-yet-brilliant smackdown of Apple that is 'the HumancentiPad').<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Frankie Boyle: The Last Days Of Sodom

    This is the third live DVD from the man for whom the word 'controversial' seems to have been invented (or at least borrowed from Jimmy Carr). He says he's here "to heal Britain's fools". You have been warned.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • David Mitchell: Back Story - A Memoir

    Comedian, actor, writer, wit and husband of Victoria Coren - find out how David Mitchell did it all in his (unsurprisingly well-written) memoirs. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Cardinal Burns

    One of our favourite new comedy shows of the year, E4's Cardinal Burns has garnered three (count 'em!) British Comedy Awards. Watch the DVD and you'll see why. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!

    More CD goodness in the form of one of Radio Four's finest comedies: the Gold Sony Radio Academy Award-winning sitcom about former variety star Arthur Strong. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Was this 2012's quirkiest movie? Possibly. Was it one of its finest and funniest? Definitely. Wes Anderson's charming tale of young love, scout camps and surpressed emotions boasts a stellar cast, including Bill Murray.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Stewart Francis: Outstanding In His Field

    If you don't know Francis already, then the title should be enough to tempt you: here's a man who loves his puns and his short-but-sweet one-liners. And we love him for it.<br> <a href="">See its Amazon listing</a>

  • Moone Boy

    This loveable sitcom, co-written by star Chris O'Dowd, is up for two British Comedy Awards: Best New Comedy Programme and Best Comedy Breakthrough Artist David Rawle. Buy (or indeed gift) the DVD to find out why.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Miranda Hart: Is It Just Me?

    "I have a wealth of awkward experiences," says Hart - and here they all are, handily compiled in a memoir that's as delightful as the great woman herself. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Louie - The Complete Second Season

    Louis CK's sitcom is one of the best things on US TV right now - and it's finally heading to UK TV screens. Get ahead of the pack by treating yourself - or a lucky loved one to this - the second season.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Channel 4's Comedy Gala

    25 of the nation’s favourite comedians and TV stars (and Jessie J) came together to perform a charity comedy gig at the 02 Arena in May. Don't worry if you weren't there: here it is on DVD!<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Midnight In Paris

    Owen Wilson stars as a frustrated writer in a Woody Allen comedy you can gift to people who don't think they're Woody Allen fans. No, really. It's a gem.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • The Queen (Of Twitter): Gin O'Clock

    <a href="">@Queen_UK </a> is already legend in her own lunchtime on Twitter - or should that be "a legend in her own gin break"? - and now she's got a book out. Bravo, Ma'am!<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Al Murray The Pub Landlord: The Only Way Is Epic Tour

    An all-new show from everyone's favourite character comedian: the no-nonsense Al Murray, scourge of wine bar lovers everywhere.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Getting On - Complete Series 1, 2 & 3

    The first three series of the marvellous sitcom set in an NHS hospital ward, starring - and written by - Jo Brand, Vicki Pepperdine, and Joanna Scanlan.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • John Bishop Live: Rollercoaster Tour 2012

    The down-to-earth Liverpudlian - and Sport Relief hero - returns with his third live DVD, a must-buy for your Dad and/or any Scouser friends. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - The Best Of 40 Years

    The antidote to dreary winter afternoons, this is a must-have compendium for fans of the classic Radio Four comedy: nearly 300 pages of photographs and collected funnies from the show.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Horrible Histories - Series 1-3

    Want fun and games (and history lessons) for all the family this Christmas? Look no further than this wonderful Horrible Histories buy - the first three series in one handy boxset!<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Cabin Pressure - The Collected Series

    All three series of the award-winning Radio Four comedy about the crew of small airline - starring its writer John Finnemore, Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam and a pre-Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Kevin Bridges: The Story Continues...

    Glaswegian Bridges returns to his hometown for a barnstorming gig - and here it is (well, one of the 10) recorded for posterity <em>and</em> your enjoyment. Can't say fairer than that.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Lee Mack: Mack The Life

    Ever wondered how one young Lee McKillop became one of the most successful, well-liked, and blommin' brilliant comics in the biz? Well, you're in luck. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Absolutely Fabulous - AbFab At 20

    Edina, Patsy and co returned to our screens this year - and here's the collection of their three 2012 episodes, plus the Sport Relief special. Wonderful, sweetie!<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Jon Richardson: Funny Magnet

    You've seen him on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Have I Got News For You, Live At The Apollo and more - and now you can enjoy the first stand-up DVD from witty, neurotic Richardson. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Charlie Brooker: I Can Make You Hate

    The acerbic, brilliant Guardian columnist and 10 O'Clock Live presenter takes the p*** out of Paul McKenna - and many, many others.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Rhod Gilbert: The Man With The Flaming Battenberg Tattoo

    The newly chilled-out Welshman recounts the lead-up to a make-or-break trip to New York with his girlfriend - and much more - on his third, acclaimed stand-up DVD. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Rev - Complete Series 1 & 2

    Put the 'Christ' back into 'Christmas' with this perfect gift for all the family: the first two seasons of the delightful BBC comedy series starring Tom Hollander and Olivia Colman. <br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Michael McIntyre: Showtime

    He might not float your comedic boat - but we bet there's someone in your family who loves Michael McIntyre. And here's his brand new stand-up DVD, just for them!<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Mrs Stephen Fry: How To Have An Almost Perfect Marriage

    Another Twitter sensation - <a href="">@MrsStephenFry</a> - turns their hand to book-writing: this time a lovely, witty guide to relationships, children and families.<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>

  • Harry Hill's Cream Of TV Burp

    Wipe the tears from your eyes: the glorious Harry Hill's TV Burp may have come to an end, but here's all the best bits (plus extras) for you to enjoy for years to come. Hurrah!<br> <a href="">See the Amazon listing</a>