Holly Willoughby Wins Damages From Sunday Sport Over Fake 'Up-Skirt' Pic

05/12/2012 12:39

Holly Willoughby has won damages from the Sunday Sport over a fake 'up-skirt' picture published on the paper's front page.

The paper issued a full apology and admitted that the snap was not of Holly on their front page. She has now been awarded a four-figure sum for dropping her legal threat.

holly willoughby

In a statement Holly said: "I am delighted that the Sunday Sport has on its front page informed its readers that they were misled about the 'up-skirt' picture they published which the paper said was of me, and made a fulsome apology.

"The Sunday Sport also paid me damages along with my legal fees. I am donating my damages to the wonderful charity of which I'm a patron, Together for Short Lives, which at least means that something good has come out of this unpleasant episode."

In the apology, the Sunday Sport admitted they had used "an image of another woman which had been used to create the illusion it was of Holly".

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