Matt Cardle vs James Arthur: Former 'X Factor' Winner In Twitter Rant Against New Champ

10/12/2012 11:43 | Updated 10 December 2012

James Arthur might have won 'The X Factor' but he's already making enemies in the music biz - including 2010 champ, Matt Cardle.

The 'Run For Your Life' singer has taken to Twitter to respond to James' claims that previous male winners of the show haven't been very successful because they've make rubbish albums, telling him: 'You haven't sold two million records yet.'

matt cardle james arthur

Matt Cardle and James Arthur

But Matt wasn't about to take that lying down and posted a series of Tweets aimed squarely at the newly crowned 'X Factor' winner.

"I think you are so talented bro and I really hope you win tonight, but you haven't sold 2 million records... yet," he wrote.

"You haven't had two Top 10 albums… yet. So disappointed you're slagging off my work and my career."

"You're not just slagging me off, but Eg White, Biff Stannard, Steve Booker, and so many other incredible writer producers.

"I appreciate everyone's opinion. I've ALWAYS said James is an amazing talent but today he has slagged off my work in the press. Disappointing"

James, over to you...

UPDATE: We'd previously stated that Matt Cardle had removed the tweets that are reproduced in this story. This wasn't the case and we have updated this story accordingly.

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