It's that time of year again. Our beloved political leaders are presenting their festive credentials to the nation in an attempt to convince us that they are in fact, simply human beings at heart.

The Huffington Post UK has gathered this years offerings as well as a few from the past.

Have a gander through and see what you can glean from this ever-so-rare chance to look into the lives of those in power...

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  • Clegg Family 2010

    Nick Clegg my be able to speak five languages but his drawing skills are rubbish. He has managed to stay in the lines and his writing is joined up so we'll give him credit there. But his not-so-subtle mobile phone accessory (ooh, look at me, I'm always working soooo much) smacks of try-hard. Oh well, let's see if he improved in 2011.

  • Cameron Family 2010

    Ah, you can't knock this really. Cameron almost looks like he has feelings.

  • Miliband Family 2010

    Here's a tip Milibands, if you're going to do a black and white pic then you have to wear some stronger colours. A cursory glance at this reveals little more than a set of floating hairpieces and toddler dressed as an old-school robber.

  • Clegg Family 2011

    Oh Clegg, you've regressed! The drawing of snowmen is a complete copout, letting the paper do the colouring in for you! Lazy! The hats are quite lovely though.

  • Miliband Family 2011

    This is better, some good solid colours going on here. Nice frame too. It is slightly weird that you've used a picture of what is quite clearly a summer day though.

  • Cameron Family 2011

    Presumably the face-painted child is an attempt to distract from that dress. And again, this is the SUMMER!

  • Clegg Family 2012

    Ah Clegg, I'm so proud!!! Clearly you have realised that felt tip is not your niche and have produced this wonderful little collage number! Good composition, good depth, now perhaps you should concentrate on the economy...

  • Miliband Family 2012

    This is really lovely in a quality-handmade-wool-product-catalogue kinda way. Good use of teeth too.

  • Cameron Family 2012

    This is the summer. On a Christmas card. What's wrong with these people?

  • Brown Family 2006

    See this is great! You'd never guess that this blast of joyous Christmas colour emanated from the family of one of the dourest men ever to hold political office.

  • Brown Family 2008

    This is much more "Brown". The sturdy outside of Downing Street, in a solid Christmas scene. And, as it was taken in October, the snow is actually fake, just like his smile.

  • Blair Family 2008

    Bit weird this. Why are they both grimacing? And the only Christmas nod is that little squiggle in the bottom. I know it's supposed to be a tree but it does look more like a little festive turd.

  • Obama Family 2011

    Across the Atlantic the same tradition is alive and well. This is the Obamas last year in a rather wonderful smile-saturated pose

  • Obama Family 2012

    Who needs a family pic when you have a really cute dog? This beautiful <em>winter </em>scene is actually a painting by artist Larassa Kabel.