Ok, so we're all getting excited about Christmas. And the best parts are the parties.

Whether you're heading to the student union, Tiger Tiger, Oceania, or it's just a piss-up in your house, we've gathered a small selection of Christmas costumes.

From, ahem, "sexy" Christmas puddings to inflatable turkey suits, we've got it covered.

Now, it's up to you whether you wear them or not but don't say we didn't warn you.

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  • Take me home and unwrap me

    Wear with minimal clothing, obvs <a href="http://fancydresscostumes.co.uk/">FancyDressCostumes</a>

  • Miss Snowman

    Yeah, it's pretty sexy. Bar the hat. And the tights. And the belt. Actually, on second thoughts... <a href="http://fancydresscostumes.co.uk/">FancyDressCostumes</a>

  • Saucy Pud

    If you enjoy looking like a puffy pudding... Eat your heart out <a href="http://fancydresscostumes.co.uk/">FancyDressCostumes</a>

  • Christmas tree chic

    Light up your life. And everyone else's of course. TotallyCostumes.com

  • Inflatable Turkey

    There are no words for this.. <a href="http://fancydresscostumes.co.uk/">FancyDressCostumes</a>

  • Muscly reindeer

    For those of you who don't have real muscles <a href="http://fancydresscostumes.co.uk/">FancyDressCostumes</a>

  • Christmas Cracker

    You'll have great pulling power in this (ho..ho...) <a href="http://fancydresscostumes.co.uk/">FancyDressCostumes</a>

  • Baby Turkey

    The new baby monkey sensation

  • Just. Plain. Awful

  • Er..

    For those of you who can't grow beards?

  • Mean

    But funny. We're guessing you can get bigger sizes...

  • Another Turkey Costume

    Just for good measure