Nintendo's new Wii U console has divided opinion pretty evenly since its release last month - and with its creative/odd (delete as applicable) touchscreen controller and retro-inspired games, it's easy to see why.

But in HuffPost's opinion, it's a great little machine. In our review we stated that it's probably the most fun you'll have playing video games with other people this Christmas - and we stand by it.

Yes, it's not going to replace you Xbox for Call of Duty - and it will likely be blown away in graphical terms this time next year. But Nintendo is doing it's own thing, and that's good to see when the results are so bizarre and unique.

So now you've got your Wii U and you've played a bit of Nintendo Land, Mario and ZombiU, what do you get next?

We've had a rifle through the available accessories, indie games, downloadable extras and virtual console games for the machine to uncover what we think you need to add to you Wii U collection.

Take a look at our picks below.

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  • Retro Themed Protective Decal

    These Wii U skins by <a href="">Decal Girl</a> bring the retro appeal of the Wii U front and centre. With a look inspired by the original NES console, they're a snip at $20. But no, they won't let you plug in cartridges like the good old days. They're just stickers, friend.

  • Trine 2

    Trine 2 is a beautiful, intriguing platform game which is full of platforming action and puzzles. It's pretty massive for an indie game, and has artwork of a quality you would be surprised in even the biggest mainstream games. It's available for £10.99 as a special launch over on the Nintendo eShop.

  • Turtle Beach NLa Headphones

    One of the nice features of the Wii U's touchscreen GamePad is the headphone socket - meaning you can plug earphones into the controller and experience full stereo sound in the purest form. Turtle Beach are known for their <a href="">high-quality headphones on other systems</a>, and as an official partner for Nintendo they've delivered <a href="">some top headsets for the Wii U too.</a> The NLa is just £20.98, and has in-line mic controls, a volume scroller and large 40Mn speakers.

  • Chasing Aurora

    Chasing Aurora is a five-person multiplayer 2D physics based aerial racer. Yeah, we know. It sounds mad - and it is, in a really good way. It's an incredibly smooth and relaxing game that blends precision and fun perfectly, and is a real stand-out downloadable game on the eShop at launch. (£10.79)

  • Wii U Pro Controller

    The Wii U isn't just about Mario and ZombiU - it's also about existing hardcore games like Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. And while those games make good use of the GamePad touchscreen, sometimes you want something more familiar - which is where <a href="">the Pro controller comes in</a>. Basically an Xbox pad with small differences, it's a rock-solid pro-level controller on which every gamer will feel comfortable.

  • Super Mario Kart

    Hidden away on the Wii U is the Wii Menu - mainly used to transfer your old game data, but also to play Virtual Console titles bought via the Wii's original downloads shop. We recommend Super Mario Kart - it's not up there with Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed in terms of graphics. But it's just as good in gameplay terms and worth another play around for the few quid it will cost you to buy.

  • Nano Assault Neo

    Nano Assault Neo is as simple as games get - a classic twin-stick arcade shooter, it's basically you against wave upon wave of enemies, plus a few nice 3D environments and massive power-ups. It's a very old-school game and nowhere near as deep as Trine 2 - but as a workout for your new GamePad, it's awesome. Plus it's just £8.99, and you can play it on the pad itself while someone else watches TV.