The student calendar is usually defined by protests and exams, and the odd moment of debauchery.

But this year has thrown up a host of controversial issues, scandalous events and tragic stories.

Click through the gallery below to discover the stories which dominated and defined your 2012.

Did we miss any? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below and we'll try our best to include them.

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  • Bristol University

    <a href="">This story, originally broken by student newspaper the Tab, hit headlines across the UK.</a> It eventually emerged women had been banned from meetings for the past seven years. Pressure from the media and the public resulted in the Christian Union revoking the ban.

  • Joey Guy

    <a href="">The UCLan officer was eventually sacked by the student union after two months of deliberating.</a>

  • Amanda Todd

    <a href="">The tragic story of a Canadian student's suicide touched people around the world. Horrifically, the 15-year-old was still targeted by cyber bullies, even after her death.</a>

  • University Rankings

    <a href="">We were beaten from our rivals across the pond who battered us into second place and dominated the top 10.</a>

  • Sponsor A Scholar

    <a href="">Sponsor a Scholar was revealed to be the work of one man, who lured students to his flat for sex. </a> The story raised questions over the safety of students who entered the sex industry in order to fund their studies.

  • Liam Burns Egged

    <a href="">The peaceful student protest, which saw thousands march through London streets, took a nasty turn after angry students forced the National Union of Students' president offstage.</a> Liam Burns was egged and pelted with a tangerine and the march was declared by many as a 'washout'

  • Nick Clegg

    The deputy prime minister released a video saying "sorry" to students for raising tuition fees. The apology was (of course) then made into a song, released on iTunes and Clegg was turned into a laughing stock.

  • London Met

    <a href="">More than 2,000 students faced deportation after a landmark ruling by the UK Border Agency revoked London Met University's highly trusted sponsor status</a>

  • The GCSE Grading Saga

    <a href="">The furore over English GCSE papers is still ongoing after thousands of students received lower grades than expected.</a> Ofqual identified GCSE grading problems three years ago but failed to act on advice. For the first time in history, top GCSE grades fell.

  • UniLad

    <a href="">HuffPost UK broke the story about UniLad pulling its 'surprise rape' article after a huge backlash on Twitter.</a> The magazine had written, amongst other comments: "Uni Lad does not condone rape without saying 'surprise'." The result? The website was suspended and advertisers withdrew their sponsorship.