It's been a great year for mocking politicians.

This most joyous of pastimes was easily done from the comfort of your own home as bumbling figure after bumbling figure tripped up, slipped up and generally just cocked it up.

The material to work with was simply spewed forth at us all year like a muck-spreader of satirical dreams.

Here are The Huffington Post UK's favorites...

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  • Boris Johnson On A Zipwire

    This entry was as inevitable as the sheepish grin on the face of a Mayan doomsayer on 22nd December. In an effort to promote Britishness and post-zipwire testicle checks, Boris threw himself off a platform in Victoria Park and managed to make himself look like a cross between a patriotic conductor and a <a href="">particularly inept daddy-longlegs.</a> Classic Boris.

  • Romneyshambles

    We Brits were a touch proud about the Olympics. So the last thing we needed was some rich Yank slagging us off and suggesting we couldn't pull it off. Enter Mitt "the Gaffer" Romney. It was worth it though to see <a href="">Boris Johnson mock him</a> in front of 60,000 people.

  • Jeremy Hunt's Bellend

    What better way to show off how manly you are standing on a huge, hard battleship than throwing your bell-end at a woman. Hunt, we salute you, (but only for this).

  • Julia Gillard "Stacks It"

    We could have given this slide up to the <a href="">absolutely beautiful misogynist bashing</a> that Australian PM, Julia Gillard, gave to minister, Tony Abbott. But instead here she is smooching grass.

  • Nadine Dorries In The Jungle

    Testicle-chomping parliament absconder, Nadine Dorries, returned home from her jungle jaunt to find herself, potentially, <a href="">out of a job.</a>

  • Ed Miliband "Blackbusters"

    When Bob Holness died the whole country reflected on the career of one of the nations best-loved quiz show hosts. Except for Ed who presumably reminisced on a career of alphabetised racial lynchings.

  • Grant Shapps Opening Doors

    <a href="">All the wrong doors, </a>but doors none the same.

  • LOLgate

    Rebekah Brooks' Leveson revelation that David Cameron used to sign off his text messages with 'LOL', believing it meant "lots of love" sparked a flurry of suggestions for other <a href="">possible Cam-gaffes.</a>

  • Plebgate

    Andrew Mitchell proved his down-with-the-common-people credentials when he <a href="">allegedly called police officers</a> who asked him to dismount his bicycle as "plebs". In his defence though, his bicycle is from the same era as his attitudes and it is quite hard to get off a penny farthing. Mitchell was forced to resign, although the latest evidence suggests his use of the word "Pleb" <a href="">could have been fabricated </a>by a "witness" who was actually a police officer.

  • Mitt Romney 47%

    "My job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." In just 24 words, Mitt Romney managed to alienate <a href="">47 percent</a> of the American electorate. In an ironic twist, Romney lost the election when he only gained (a presumably different) 47% of the electorate. We finish with one from across the pond just remind ourselves that everything in America, even their gaffes, is bigger.