Kelly Brook is already the envy of many a female, what with with her curvaceous body, hot boyfriend and heeeeuge wardrobe but she's taken it up another notch by giving everyone a peek inside her new shoe closet.

La Brook unveiled her brand new walk-in shoedrobe yesterday on Instagram and we're pretty sure it's most girls' dream, with dozens of pairs neatly lined up in their own dedicated room.

kelly brook shoes

Kelly - who is currently dating fellow model and rugby star Thom Evans - posted the snap online with the caption, "My new Shoe Closet :))))".

Over the weekend, Kelly was celebrating her manager Severine Berman getting married.

kelly brook

"On my way to A Wedding!!!! :) #KarlLargerfield would be happy #CocoForever," she wrote before posting snaps of herself larking about at the nuptials.

kelly brook

The star has just filmed an appearance on the 'Strictly Come Dancing' Christmas Special, which sees her team up with her old dance partner Brendan Cole again.

The show is set to air on Christmas Day on BBC One.

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