HuffPost UK Celebrates Most Inspirational Women Of 2012 (PICTURES)

19/12/2012 16:14 | Updated 19 March 2013

Each year, a new group of women rise to the surface who remind us that gender should be no barrier to success, and 2012 was no exception.

During the past 12 months, The Huffington Post UK has reported on women who have succeeded in male-dominated industries, such as Dr Jo Twist, CEO of the UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) trade body and award-winning comedians Julia Davis and Rebecca Front.

We've highlighted women whose achievements are challenging society's expectations, such as working mum Julie Dean, who founded the Cambridge Satchel Company and SLiNK's editor-in-chief Rivkie Baum, who launched the only UK fashion magazine aimed at plus-size women.

Our team has also recognised areas in which women are breaking new ground, such as the Israel Loves Iran peace project, founded by Michal Tamir.

And we've smiled fondly at the youngsters who prove that age is no barrier to success. Cue, Martha Payne, the nine-year-old blogger who hit the headlines when her local council banned her from posting photographs of her school dinners online.

Yet, these names only the touch the surface of a country brimming with new, young talent.

Meet the HuffPost female bloggers who will touch your lives in the future, if they haven't already..

HuffPost UK's Most Inspirational Female Bloggers Of 2012

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