We've always thought Mr Potter and his merry band of men (and muggles) can't possibly be that squeaky clean.

And, turns out Harry's brandished his wand on several occasions - and not just to cast a spell.

Obviously the confessions are all fake, as is Harry Potter (what, you didn't know? Awkward...), but nevertheless, having a glimpse into Hogwarts exploits is pretty darn amusing.

And, as the world hasn't ended, you've got time to read them too.

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  • Went on a mad one last weekend in London to see some muggles. After drinking Butterbeer all year at Hogwarts, I got wasted very easily. Headed into the toilets to have a quick wee, and I see a sign on the wall telling me the entrance to the Ministry of Magic is down the toilet. In my drunken state, I step into the bowl, and flush. Whoever wrote that sign lied... I walked out smelling of urine. #LifeIsEasierAtHogwarts

  • Snape, is that you?

    I just found out my potions teacher has a part time job at an airport. #SnapesOnAPlane

  • #CaughtHufflingHerMuff