Whether you hate New Year's Eve or love it, we hope to make it a little more bearable/even more enjoyable with our round-up of New Year's comedy moments, below.

From classic seasonal comedy films like 'The Apartment' and 'Trading Places', to classic comedy TV shows like 'Mr Bean' and 'Friends', here are some of the most memorable NYE moments from the big and small screen.

(Warning: contains renditions of 'Auld Lang Syne')

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  • Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean

    If you find yourself at a rubbish New Year's Eve party this year, remember that - unless you're being served white wine vinegar with sugar and twigs coated in Marmite - it couldn't be worse than Mr Bean's.

  • About A Boy

    "On New Year's Eve, I met Rachel. She was interesting and smart and attractive, and for about five minutes, I had her convinced that I was, too."

  • The Apartment

    "Ring out the old year, ring in the new. Ring a ding ding..." SPOILER ALERT: As 'Auld Lang Syne' choruses around her, Shirley MacLaine makes a mad dash for Jack Lemmon's eponymous abode. One of the greatest comedy films all-time-wise, let alone New-Year-wise.

  • Friends: The One With The Routine

    In the crowd at a prerecorded New Year's Eve TV show, Monica and Ross realise the only way they're going to be picked out to dance on the platform - and thus seen by millions - is to perform "the routine"...

  • When Harry Met Sally

    Billy Crystal declares his love for Meg Ryan, Meg Ryan wrinkles her cute button nose, and Frank Sinatra croons 'It Had To Be You'. The result is New Year's Eve, romantic comedy perfection.

  • Dinner For One

    This 1963 British comedy sketch isn't that well-known to Brits, nor set at New Year - but bizarrely, has become required TV viewing in Germany on December 31st, with up to half the population watching it every year. But don't let the fact that Germans (and Swedes and Australians) find it hilarious put you off.

  • Everybody Hates New Year's Eve

    It's New York, 1986 - and the young Chris Rock is determined to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square. A classic episode of 'Everybody Hates Chris'.

  • The Gold Rush

    A poignant moment from the 1925 classic Charlie Chaplin said he wanted to be remembered for, this probably won't make you smile until around 0:55 - when you wish that the old white-haired chap on the right was a guest <em>at your</em> New Year's Eve party.

  • New Year's Eve 1999 In London

    Relive the unintentionally comedic countdown to the year 2000: featuring the Queen, Tony Blair, a rather scary 'river of fire', and, at 4:26, the 'Millennium Wheel' failing to turn round. Has there ever been a more British New Year's Eve?

  • Trading Places

    "Merry New Year!". Yes, it's only 15 seconds long - but it's the only New Year catchphrase you need.