Barack Obama And Wife Michelle's Christmas Address To US (VIDEO)

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With Saturday's weekly address to the nation, President Obama was joined by his wife Michelle to wish America a happy Christmas.

"This weekend, parents are picking up their kids from college and making space for all the laundry they bring home with them. Children are counting down the hours until their grandparents arrive, and uncles, aunts and cousins are making their way to join the family and share in the holiday spirit," the president said.

"That's what makes this season so special, getting to spend time with the people we love most," added Michelle Obama.

As is political tradition, the Obamas went on to specially mention military families, which see parents and children stuck thousands of miles away in warzones. President Obama added that: "After a decade of war, our heroes are coming home. all across the country, military families are reunited. so this week, let's give thanks of your veterans and their families."

The couple said it was "inspiring" to see Americans helping those who are still recovering from recent tragedies such as Hurricane Sandy and the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

Obama concluded: "On behalf of my favourite Americans - Michelle, Malia, Sacha and Bo - Merry Christmas, everybody."

You can watch the address in full above

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