New Year dieters should remember to count the calories in alcohol when they are trying to lose weight, a charity has said.

Slimming is one of the top New Year resolutions, but people often forget the calories in alcoholic drinks.

Cutting down on drinks could help people lose weight which, in turn, could reduce their cancer risk, according to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

Being overweight is the biggest cancer risk factor, after smoking.

The charity has produced an online alcohol-calorie counter which equates drinks to an easily understandable comparison. For example, a pint of lager has the same calorie count as three chocolate digestive biscuits.

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  • The Best Cancer-Fighting Foods

  • Carrots

    Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a super strong antioxidant that helps keep stomach, prostate and lung cancer away.

  • Cabbage

    Cabbages contain cancer-fighting indole-3-carbinol, which are said to help ward off cancer. Brocolli is a well-known cancer busting vegetable as its glucoraphanin enzyme protects the body from rectum and colon cancer.

  • Tomato

    Containing a rich source of antioxidant lycopene, they protect the body from various cancer cells, plus it's also packed with vitamin C, which helps strengthen the body's immune system.

  • Garlic

    Garlic isn't just a great way to flavor our food, but it's a clever way of incorporating a cancer-busting food into our diet. Garlic is proven to boost immunity, which helps our body fight against nasty cancerous cells. Chives, leeks and onions are also part of the allium vegetable group, which help reduce the risks of stomach, colon and prostate cancer.

  • Flax Seeds

    Flax seeds contain a strong antioxidants called ligans which help keep cells healthy and safe from cancerous cells. They also contain Omega-3, which are believed to prevent colon cancer.

  • Blueberries

    Rated as one fo the highest antioxidant foods, blueberries keep the body's cells healthy and full of oxygen, warding off cancerous cells attacking.

Kate Mendoza, head of health information at WCRF, said: "The calories in alcoholic drinks account for a significant proportion of a drinker's calorie consumption while providing little, if any, nutritional benefit. Cutting down on drinking can have a big effect on weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.

"Recent reports have shown that people are unaware of calories in drinks and don't include them when calculating their daily consumption. This is important from a cancer perspective because after smoking, being overweight or obese is the biggest risk factor.

"There is also strong scientific evidence that alcohol itself is a cancer risk factor, possibly through damaging our DNA, in cancers of the breast, bowel, mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus and liver."

:: To look at the new calorie counter visit

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