A sperm donor is being asked to pay child support by the state of Kansas for a child conceived through artificial insemination for a lesbian couple.

William Marotta may be liable to pay over $6,000 in medical fees paid for by the state, after the agreement between himself and the couple was deemed invalid.

The mechanic donated sperm to Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner after seeing their ad on CraigsList in 2009.

According to Kansas City Star, Marotta signed an agreement with the women relinquishing all parental rights, including any financial responsibility to the child.


William Marotta signed an agreement relinquishing his parental rights

The agreement also outlined a $50 fee payable to Marotta, but he later decided to donate to the couple for free.

Bauer and Schreiner split in 2010, but according to AP they continue to co-parent their eight children.

sperm donor ordered to pay child support

Bauer and Schreiner have now split, but continue to co-parent their eight children

In 2012 Bauer fell ill and sought health insurance from the state for her and her daughter, now 3.

To process the request the state required information on the girl's biological father, who was revealed to be Marotta.

Marotta may be liable to pay over $6,000 in medical fees paid for by the state, after the agreement made between him and the couple was deemed invalid.

Marotta may be ruled responsible for the child, as Kansas law requires artificial insemination to be carried out by a licensed physician.


"If a sperm donor makes his contribution through a licensed physician and a child is conceived, the donor is held harmless under state statue," Angela de Rocha, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Department for Children and Families, explained in a statement. "In cases where the parties do not go through a physician or a clinic, there remains the question of who actually is the father of a child or children."

A court will hear Marotta's motion to dismiss the case on January 8, 2013.

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