Almost half of those glossy new cookbooks bought as Christmas presents will go unread, according to a survey that shows home cooks are being put off by expensive ingredients and complicated recipes.

Researchers discovered the typical British adult owns 10 cookbooks, but on average four of them will never have been used.

They also discovered cooks are going on-line more and more to find the right recipes, rather than wade through their cookbooks.

delia smith jamie oliver Delia and Jamie: simple

The survey of 2,000 adults found two-thirds (67%) said they find recipes intimidating with Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay getting a special mention for complicated cooking, while Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith were praised for their simplicity.

The survey, commissioned by Italian food company Sacla', found 35% of people said they were put off by the cost of ingredients, while 29% said recipes were too complicated.

More than a quarter (27%) said hard-to-find ingredients stopped them using the books and more than half (53%) said they now find recipes online based on what they have got in.

The 50 Best Cookbooks Of 2012:

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  • The Collection | Antonio Carluccio

    The Godfather of Italian food, Antonio Carluccio, has brought together over 300 of his best recipes to form this ultimate compilation. The book captures Antonio's simple, joyful and no-fuss approach to cooking and features dishes from each of Italy's distinct culinary regions. All aspects of the Italian meal are covered from antipasti, pasta, risotto to meat, fish, dolci and much more. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Curry Nation | Madhur Jaffrey

    Madhur showcases her favourite recipes with influences from all over the subcontinent: Punjabi, Goan, Parsi and Bengali amongst others. Carefully selected and adapted by Madhur, the recipes conjure up the colour and vitality of this vibrant culture, but keep to her mantra that Indian food doesn't need to be complicated. Always, innovative and contemporary, Madhur will even give some of these traditional recipes a twist - pairing Aloo Gobi with a very British roast lamb, for example. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Fish | J Sheekey

    J Sheekey has been offering the finest fish, oysters, shellfish and other fruits de mer in the heart of London’s Covent Garden since the 1890s. The book starts with shellfish recipes followed by starters, mains, savories, and puddings, finishing with drinks. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Wahaca - Mexican Food At Home | Thomasina Miers

    Eat your way around the markets of Mexico with this collection of over 130 mind-blowing recipes from Thomasina Miers, co-founder of the award-winning Wahaca restaurants. Inspired by the flavours of Mexico but using ingredients easily found in Britain, the book is all about cooking authentic Mexican food in your own kitchen. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Real Mexican Food | Benito's Hat

    Discover everything that is fresh and exciting about real Mexican cooking with these vibrant recipes for authentic street food and fiesta feasts. Ben Fordham and his Mexican chef Felipe Fuentes Cruz have created a cookbook offering their favourite dishes from the restaurants, plus many more from Felipe’s collection of authentic recipes. Mouth-watering recipes include guacamole with homemade corn tortilla chips, burritos with beef birria, pico de gallo and salsa brava, tacos with prawns and paprika, refried beans with chorizo, Mexican flan, margaritas and juices. Priced at £18.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Indian Superspices | Gurpareet Bains

    Gurpareet Bains presents Indian Superspices: lab-inspired recipes to help with everyday ailments such as colds, PMT, hangovers and even insomnia. His unique approach uses spices in medicinal quantities to alleviate stress, anxiety, allergies and a range of other ailments. It will also help manage weight loss and aid with detox. Priced at £8.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Honestly Healthy | Natasha Corrett & Vicki Edgson

    Honestly Healthy is a refreshing cookbook and lifestyle guide promoting balanced and healthy living. Using the revolutionary new alkaline lifestyle, it’s packed with recipes, tips and tricks to help you transform your daily routine from hectic and hurried to harmonious and holistic. Organic gourmet vegetarian chef, Natasha Corrett, and leading nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson combine their expertise in this fully illustrated guide to eating balanced, alkaline food that keeps the body in mind. Priced at £10, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Beginners Get Sorted | Sorted Crew

    The Sorted crew are a bunch of graduates who bring fun recipes to thousand of viewers through their popular YouTube channel. Whether a complete recipe rookie, a busy parent in need of inspiration, or a student faced with a small food budget, Beginners this book will help solve all of your own kitchen dilemmas. Priced at £16.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here </a>

  • The Square | Philip Howard

    Phil Howard’s much-anticipated debut cookbook represents the culmination of more than twenty years spent at the helm of one of the UK’s finest 2 Michelin Star restaurants, The Square, in London’s Mayfair. The book is divided into twelve sections, ranging from Basics, to Soups and Consommés, Salads, Pasta, Shellfish and Meat. Each recipe is covered over several pages, and features an expert overview of the dish and its key components, along with advice on elements to focus on. Priced at £40, <a href="">it is available to buy here.</a>

  • Modern Twists On Classic Dishes | Andy Bates

    Cheeky and charming Londoner Andy Bates, the street food chef and star of TV channel <a href="">Food Network UK</a>, is known for putting his own twist on British classics from Scotch eggs to pies and tarts. He has been selling his delicacies from his London street food stall as well as running his company Eat My Pies. The book features over 100 recipes, from his award-winning pies and pastries to simple suppers and puddings. Dishes include ‘Andy’s Jambalaya’, ‘Ceviche Tacos’ and ‘Chicken and Ham Hock Pie,’ incorporating international foods and flavours that have inspired him. They are all created in Andy’s simple and unpretentious style. Priced at £14.99, <a href="">available to buy here.</a>

  • Gu Chocolate Cookbook

    Chocolate lovers everywhere can give in to happiness with Gü’s irresistible collection of decadently delightful and joyfully simple desserts, puds, cakes, savoury meals and nibbles. From teatime treats and desserts to savoury dishes and midnight feasts, the book includes many easy recipes - all with a Gü-ey twist – plus basic tips, down-to-earth advice and cheeky shortcuts for steps you can prep ahead or ready-to-use ingredients. This mouth-watering varied cookbook offers 100 recipes and plenty of inspiring pictures to fulfil every chocolate connoisseur’s needs. Priced at £18.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here.</a>

  • Garlic: The Mighty Bulb. Cooking, Growing and Healing with Garlic | Natasha Edwards

    The magic of garlic, for cooking and healing, has been known since the dawn of civilisation. This book is a comprehensive guide to using garlic at home, not just a staple when cooking but in a variety of ways. Author Natasha Edwards also demonstrates how to dry and plait garlic into tradition grappes, how to make decongestants and boost the immune system. Plus a collection of 50 simple and varied recipes, from classic dishes such as aioli and chicken with 40 cloves of garlic to salad dressings and immune boosting winter soups. Priced at £14.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Leon Family & Friends | Kay Plunkett-Hogge & John Vincent

    Written in their charismatic and quirky style that we’ve all come to love, LEON: Family & Friends is a celebration of the hours spent around a table, sharing flavourful, nutritious food with the people you love and having fun while you’re doing it. John & Kay provide seasoned advice along the way, from the best ways to encourage an interest in cooking for young children, to seizing the opportunity to make the most of those special evenings After Lights Out, when the little ones are fast asleep. Even older teenagers feel the LEON love with ‘10 Things You Should Know How To Cook Before You Leave Home’ including Mum’s Roast Chicken and ‘How To Use Leftovers’ which provides the key survival recipes needed for when the takeaway funds have run dry. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Memories Of Gascony | Pierre Koffman

    With recipes and reminiscences, this is the story of how one of the world’s leading chefs first learned to love food and cook from the heart. It contains over 160 seasonal dishes that Pierre learned to cook at his grandmother’s side in their farmhouse kitchen in Saint Puy, in rural Gascony. Priced at £30.00, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Salt Sugar Smoke | Diana Henry

    Diana Henry brings together a tempting range of recipes to fill your larder with the most delicious conserves of all kinds. Preserving makes the most of seasonal ingredients and intensifies flavours wonderfully. It’s also a delicious way of making everyday food special and giving friends and family something beautifully homemade. From elderflowers in spring and summer tomatoes, to autumn berries and winter vodkas, the recipes in this book will provide you with season after season of wonderful preserves. Priced at £20.00, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Vintage Tea Party Year | Angel Adoree

    Vintage Queen, Angel Adoree takes you on a seasonal journey with vintage recipes, styling tips and advice to help you host spectacular tea parties all through the year, whatever the occasion. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Cinnamon Kitchen | Vivek Singh

    Cinnamon Kitchen The Cookbook is a collection of modern Indian recipes from Vivek Singh. The book combines authentic Indian spicing with Western cooking techniques. Championing the charge of modern Indian chefs, Singh strikes again with another kitchen bible. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • World's Best Cocktails | Tom Sandham

    World’s Best Cocktails is a fascinating visual journey around the world of cocktails, from London to Long Island, from Manhattan to Melbourne via Berlin and Bratislava. It will appeal to beginner home bartenders and more ambitious mixologists wanting to expand their repertoire and impress their guests with advanced techniques and recipes. Priced at £30, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Vintage Cakes | Jane Brocket

    Vintage Cakes by Jane Brocket is the first cake recipe book to combine fabulous recipes and vintage styling, in inspiring settings that include colourful china, vintage tablecloths and tableware, cake tins and cake stands. Whether you are preparing a sublime afternoon tea, an outdoor garden party or a picnic by the sea, Vintage Cakes provides the know-how and the inspiration for reassuringly old-fashioned treats that fill your kitchen with warmth and good smells. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Everyday | Peter Gordon

    Using only easily-sourced ingredients and simple methods, Peter has created 170 dishes that demonstrate his passion for innovative flavours and textures. The range of recipes includes Chorizo on Tomato-rubbed Toast with Soft-boiled Egg to start the day, soups and pasta dishes such as Creamy Leek, and Cannelloni with Mushrooms and Pork, to delicious dinners such as Braised Pork Belly with Shallots, Orange and Cardamom, finished off with treats that include Spiced Pumpkin, Fig, Pine nut and Gingernut Tart. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Book of English Food | Arabella Boxer

    The food in these wonderful recipes comes from the great country houses, where little had changed since Victorian times, the large houses in London and the South, where fashionable hostesses vied with each other to entertain the most distinguished guests at their tables, and less grand establishments, like those in Bloomsbury where the painters and writers of the day contrived to lead cultured and civilised lives on little money. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Jerusalem | Sami Tamimi

    Jerusalem sets 100 of Yotam and Sami's inspired, accessible recipes within the cultural and religious melting pot of this diverse city. From soups (spicy frikkeh soup with meatballs), meat and fish (chicken with caramelized onion and cardamom rice, sea bream with harissa and rose), vegetables and salads (spicy beetroot, leek and walnut salad), pulses and grains (saffron rice with barberries and pistachios), to cakes and desserts (clementine and almond syrup cake), there is something new for everyone to discover. Priced at £27, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Home Cooking | Laurie Colwin

    From the humble hotplate of her one-room apartment to the crowded kitchens of bustling parties, Colwin regales us with tales of meals gone both magnificently well and disastrously wrong. Hilarious, personal, and full of Colwin’s hard-won expertise, Home Cooking will speak to the heart of any amateur cook, professional chef, or food. Priced at £12.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here </a>

  • Cake | Rachel Allen

    Whether it’s classic cakes, tiered cakes or small cakes, free-from cakes or wedding and birthday cakes, Rachel has the perfect, fool-proof recipe. Rachel Allen knows home baking, it’s her fail-safe recipes, with easy-to-follow methods, thoughtful tips and advice that have been helping her readers over the years to make the most gorgeous cakes and bakes that work every time. Sponges, muffins, brownies, pop cakes, cheesecakes, tortes, pudding cakes, whether they are indulgent or healthy(ish), chocolaty, nutty or fruity, sweet or savoury, gluten-free you’ll find them all in this ultimate cake bible. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Fast, Fresh and Easy Food | Lorraine Pascale

    Having created the recipes in her kitchen and tested them on her daughter and friends, Lorraine’s food is quick, easy and fun. The main dishes have a side dish within the recipe so you don’t have to think about accompaniments, and there is no need to do all the prepping and chopping work beforehand – just follow the steps and you can prepare it all in real time as you go along. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Easy | Bill Granger

    Bill has long been a champion of no-fuss food – essential for a working father who cooks for his family every night. Easy is inspired by years of getting delicious, satisfying meals on the table quickly using ingredients from the fridge or kitchen cupboard. All served with Bill’s trademark easygoing style. In this stunning new cookbook he takes 16 well-loved and accessible main ingredients and offers simple yet original dishes to share with family, friends or enjoy on your own. So whatever you have to hand – whether that’s a chicken breast, pack of pasta, fillet of fish, tin of beans, slab of chocolate or chunk of good cheese – you’ll find inspiration for tasty meals with the minimum of fuss. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • A History of Food in 100 Recipes | William Sitwell

    The book is a celebration of the great dishes, techniques and above all brilliant cooks who have, over the centuries, created the culinary landscape we now enjoy. Any lover of food who has ever wondered about the origins of the methods and recipes we now take for granted will find Sitwell’s book required reading. As well as shining a light on food's glorious past, there are contributions from a glittering array of stars of British cuisine, including Marco Pierre White, Delia Smith, Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • 30-Minute Vegetarian | Rose Elliot

    Britain’s bestselling vegetarian cook helps you get a great meal on the table fast. Perfect for the busy home cook, Rose Elliot’s 30-Minute Vegetarian will help you make a delicious and quick vegetarian dinner, any night of the week. If you need fast and tasty food after a hard day’s work or a healthy dinner to feed family and friends; whether you are craving a comforting classic or fresh ideas for cooking with vegetables, you will find it in this book – 140 modern vegetarian recipes that can be cooked in half an hour or less. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Complete Cookbook | Mary Berry

    This is Mary Berry at her best with over 1,000 tried and tested recipes for every occasion from firm family favourites to more adventurous dinner party dishes. As well as traditional classics and Mary's all-time favourites you'll also find an exciting selection of healthy low-fat dishes and new ideas to give you inspiration every time. Easy-to-follow instructions, clear illustrations and time-saving tips guarantee delicious results every time making Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook the most comprehensive cook book you could ever need. We're sure you'll find yourself reaching for it on your cookery bookshelf time after time. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Sausage | Nicola Fletcher

    Sausage is a country-by-country guide to the best fresh and cured sausages in the world. Try your hand at making your own sausages, salami and cured meats with step-by-step instructions and enjoy each region's most famous sausages with 48 classic recipes such as fabada and cassoulet. Priced at £14.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Everyday | MasterChef

    Everyday MasterChef takes all the inspiration from the hit BBC1 show and turns it into recipes for cooking in the real world. With tips and tricks, step-by-step MasterClasses on essential kitchen skills and meal ideas that work for every family fridge or store cupboard, you can enjoy the wisdom of the MasterChef professionals in one accessible book. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Cooking Through The Year

    From the first asparagus spears in spring to comforting vegetable soups in winter, know what to cook each season with The Cookery Year. Choose from over 1,000 mouthwatering recipes so you'll never be short of ideas when produce is abundant. Six seasonal chapters feature recipes for soups and starters, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and preserves and for every day and special occasions as well as for families and guests. Plus tips on growing, sourcing and storing "Season's Best" produce and recipe choosers for each seasonal ingredient help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • The Food Of Spain | Claudia Roden

    Claudia Roden has spent five years researching and writing about the food of Spain, resulting in this definitive, passionate and evocative cookbook which takes in the different regions and looks at the history, the people and the culture at the heart of this country, and at that which binds it all together - the delicious food and recipes passed down through generations. From simple, rustic tapas and delicately flavoured soups, to elaborate celebratory dishes served on silver platters and cakes and desserts each with a story to tell, this is the book about Spain to learn from and to cook from. Priced at £25, <a href=",,9780718157197,00.html">it is available to buy here</a>

  • 15 Minute Meals | Jamie Oliver

    Following the record-breaking success of 30-Minute Meals, Britain's most-popular cookbook of all time, Jamie Oliver brings us the even-better 15-Minute Meals. This book is completely devoted to what we are asking for - super quick, tasty, nutritious food that you can eat everyday of the week. In creating these recipes Jamie's made sure they're methodical, clever, sociable, fun, with beautiful food full of big flavours. It's a classic book that will arm you with the skills to create wonderful meals, shockingly fast. Priced at £26, <a href=",,9780718157807,00.html">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Little Paris Kitchen | Rachel Khoo

    Rachel Khoo was determined to get to grips with French cooking, so to learn more she moved to Paris, not speaking a word of French, and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu, the world- famous cookery school. Six years later, she still lives and works in Paris, cooking up a selection of classic French dishes from all over the country and giving them a fresh makeover with her own modern twists. From a Croque Madame muffin and the classic Boeuf bourguignon, to a deliciously fragrant Provencal lavender and lemon roast chicken, Rachel celebrates the culinary landscape of France as it is today and shows how simple these dishes are. Priced at £20, <a href=",,9780718158118,00.html">it is available to buy here</a>

  • The 4-hour Chef | Timothy Ferriss

    This book is a choose-your-own adventure guide to rapid learning – a recipe for life - enabling you to master everything inside the kitchen and apply it to everything outside the kitchen. It is possible to become world-class at just about anything in six months or less. Timothy Ferriss travels from Manhattan to Okinawa, and from Silicon Valley to Calcutta, unearthing the secrets of the world’s fastest learners and greatest chefs. Ferriss uses cooking to explain ‘meta-learning’, his step-by-step process, that can be used to master anything, whether searing steak, learning to swim or speaking fluent Spanish in eight weeks. The process of figuring it out – the grandest ‘recipe’ of all – is the same. Priced at £21.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Weekend Cookbook | Catherine Hill

    Choose from quick, clever recipes like Tomato and Tallegio Tart or Sticky Mango Chicken Salad when you get in late on a Friday night. With a bit more time, impress on a Saturday with Prawn and Chorizo Stew or Marmalade Glazed Barbecue Ribs. And for a Sunday lunch to round off the weekend choose from lots of slow-cook, low maintenance ideas like Moroccan Leg of Lamb with Chickpeas, or Horseradish and Sugar-crusted Beef with Watercress Pesto – perfect for heading home to after a Sunday walk or drink at the pub. With a relaxed approach and packed full of delicious recipes, ingenious tips and advice, make your weekend cooking something to remember. Priced at £18.99, <a href=",,9780718159092,00.html">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Indian Vegetarian Feast | Anjum Anand

    Anjum adapts the true flavours of India, with her trademark concern for healthy eating and a good diet, to make meals that are healthy, light, bright, modern and balanced, providing all the protein and other nutrients we all need for perfect health. This book teaches us all how to eat vegetarian recipes for life. Many of Anjum Anand's recipes are family favourites or based on the vibrant street food culture of India, adapted to bring them bang up to date. Priced at £19.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Great British Puddings

    Celebrating the gooiest, yummiest, sweetest treats that made Britain great, this new cookbook lets you in on the secrets of the best desserts in the country. From steamed sponges (chestnut and chocolate pudding) to classic crumbles (apple, blackberry and cinnamon), forgotten creations such as Lord Randall's pudding and school dinner favourites like jam roly poly, through chocoholic delights to perfect rice pudding and vintage Christmas pudding, this book is a genuine pud-lover's delight. With 150 foolproof, tried-and-tested recipes, easy instructions and colour photographs, this is the essential pudding cookbook from the real experts. Priced at £18.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Kitchin Suppers | Tom Kitchin

    In Kitchin Suppers, Scotland's hottest chef, Tom Kitchin, takes us into his home kitchen and shows us the food he cooks for friends and family when away from his Edinburgh restaurant, The Kitchin. This is a superb collection of recipes by a Michelin starred chef, ideal for time-pressured cooks and makes the most of fresh, seasonal food. With everything from easy midweek meals like Sausage and Butter Bean Casserole, Smoked Salmon and Spinach Lasagne and Cottage Cheese and Dill Bread to an indulgent Sunday Roast of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties or Roasted Chicken with Braised Chicory wrapped in Crispy Pancetta and ending with Pavlova with Raspberries, Peaches and Lime Mascarpone Cream, Tom's home cooking is sure to inspire and excite. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Baking | Mark Hix

    In this exciting new book, renowned chef Mark Hix applies his characteristic flair to a range of savoury and sweet recipes that reflects his own unique interpretation of baking. For him, baking covers anything that can be cooked in the dry heat of an oven whether that is a simple everyday luxury like a Honey baked ham or a sophisticated Saffron custard tart. Hix on Baking is split into chapters covering snacks, bread, meat and fish, vegetables, savoury and sweet tarts, and pudding and cakes. Mark s selection of recipes includes dishes such as Blue Cheese and Chive Scones, Baked Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Chilli, and Baked Peaches with Amaretto that he has been cooking for years or that he has eaten on his travels around the globe. Mark Hix on Baking will change your perception of baking and will provide endless inspiration for delicious new dishes. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • The Collection | Michel Roux

    Quite simply, this is a collection of Michel Roux's finest recipes - devised, refined and perfected during the course of his illustrious career. Recipes for all seasons and to suit all occasions are covered in this generous compendium, which contains over 250 recipes plus numerous variations. Mouthwatering contemporary dishes are featured, along with Michel's interpretations of the great classics. Step-by-step illustrated sequences guide you through specific techniques throughout the chapters. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Scandinanvian Christmas | Trine Hahnemann

    In this glorious book, illustrated with Lars Ranek's evocative photographs, food writer Trine Hahnemann provides a cornucopia of 70 Christmas recipes - all featuring ingredients which are common to all northern climes - showing us how we, too, can decorate our homes and make delicious dishes to celebrate Christmas like that found in a Scandinavian kitchen. Priced at £16.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Monica's Kitchen | Monica Galetti

    Monica Galetti presents her favourite recipes in chapters that reflect the different ways we like to cook. There are quick and easy ideas for midweek meals, time-saving recipes to ensure leisurely weekends, impressive but achievable ideas for entertaining and, for something completely different, a selection of very unusual and personal recipes which reflect her upbringing in Samoa and New Zealand. Recipes range from her daughter's favourite Spinach, Ham and Egg Pie to Roasted Root Vegetable salad with Smoked Chicken to Almond Biscuits with White Chocolate Mousse and the more unusual Pacific Island Style Cured Fish. Priced at £20, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Marvellous Meals With Mince | Josceline Dimbleby

    The Americans have hamburgers, the Greeks moussaka, the Mexicans chilli con carne and the Italians have their famous Bolognese. The use of mince in many of the most recognisable dishes of the world is a testament to its versatility. It can be fried, baked, roasted or stewed, used to stuff, top or fill; and can be spiced, soaked or left plain. And in times of economic pressure, here is a relatively cheap ingredient that will provide an ingenious and tasty meal worthy of any occasion. Priced at £9.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Desert Island Dishes

    Desert Island Dishes contains 80 recipes, from simple, traditional suppers, such as Paul Gayler’s Herb-baked chicken in a Maldon sea salt crust, to more complex dinner party crowd pleasers, like Adam Byatt’s Beetroot-cured salmon gravadlax, or even the delicious Soft chocolate caramel with almonds and Maldon sea from Alain Roux – a welcome end to any meal. Priced at £18.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • The ASK Italian Cookbook

    Edited by prize-winning food writer Carla Capalbo with special recipes from TV chef and Italian cooking expert Theo Randall, the ASK Italian Cookbook contains over 100 authentic recipes that will inspire the reader to cook Italian food with confidence. From hand-made fettuccine to perfect risottos and indulgent desserts, the book contains some of the most popular dishes from the ASK Italian menu. It also features personal recipes from ASK Italian’s suppliers in Italy, from Theo Randall and Carla Capalbo, and from members of the ASK Italian team. Adrian Garforth MW (Master of Wine) has offered Italian wine matching tips to accompany the food. Priced at £15, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Drinks | Tony Conigliaro

    Drinks is a stunning contemporary cocktail guide, which nods to the history of the cocktail and updates 50 classic recipes in astonishing and original ways. Tony's spins on the classics include Vintage Manhattan (using aged bourbon), new classics of his own invention (the Twinkle, now on cocktail menus the world over), drinks based on their perfume (Lipstick Rose, inspired by perfumer Ralf Schwieger's creation for Frederic Malle), fruit-based culinary creations (Sweet Grilled Lemon Margarita and Nettle Gimlet) and groundbreaking savoury drinks (White Truffle Martini). Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • Exploring China | Ken Hom & Ching-He Huang

    China's emergence as one of the world's most influential cultures has ignited our interest in this enigmatic country, but Ken and Ching also have their own quests to explore. They cook with local families, en route to discover the influence of Buddhism on vegetarian food and whether the Chinese did actually invent tortellini in remote Kashgar before travelling to Sichuan Province, China's gastronomic capital. Priced at £25, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>

  • The Pressure Cooker Cookbook | Catherine Phipps

    As a busy working mother, Guardian writer Catherine Phipps is wholly reliant on her pressure cooker to produce quick and easy one-pot meals for her family. Alongside mouthwatering recipes, ranging from pot-roast chicken and seafood risotto to Boston baked beans, pulled pork sandwiches and Scotch eggs, and even cheesecake and chocolate pots, Catherine offers handy tips on how to adapt conventional recipes for the pressure cooker, safety ideas and a guide to using certain ingredients. Priced at £18.99, <a href="">it is available to buy here</a>