Catherine Zeta-Jones: 'Prince Charles Was Saucy When He Gave Me CBE'

17/01/2013 15:10 | Updated 17 January 2013

Of all of the 'saucy' people in the world, we never had Prince Charles down as being one of them.

However, Catherine Zeta-Jones reckons old Charlie boy was a right saucepot when he awarded her with her CBE in 2011.

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After being shown a picture of the event on US talk show 'The David Letterman Show', she said: "Look at his hands. Check out his hands, I dunno. I love the royal family but he is being a little saucy."

Clarifying what she meant, David asked her: "Is that to do with the award?’ to which she replied: I just think that it’s my breast actually."

Oo-err. Whatever would Camilla say?

CZJ was given the award in CBE for her services to the film industry and her charity work in February 2011.

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