Call Clegg, the weekly opportunity to listen to the deputy PM talk about what he would do if Cameron let him make any decisions, threw up an interesting scenario this morning.

As a final question Clegg was asked which party leader he would pick to back him up “if your back was against the wall”.

Despite insisting that in last week's show he had tackled questions "head on", he completely fluffed it in the name of domestic harmony and chose "my wife probably".

The Huffington Post UK is no shirker and duly takes on the task of identifying the best tag-team buddy for a political punch-up.

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  • Nigel Farage

    Spindly and goofy. Unless he was up against the Fench he just wouldn't have it in him. 2/10

  • Ed Miliband

    Miliband is a dark horse. Behind that inept exterior lurks a trained killer. Probably. 7/10

  • Tony Blair

    The king of oratory would presumably lull any foes into a deep slumber using an array of magical hand gestures. Upon awaking the unfortunate victim will be convinced that they wish to embark upon a violent endeavour they and none of their friends previously knew they wanted or needed. 8/10

  • John Prescott

    Nuff said 10/10

  • David Cameron

    Can't help but think most people would only jump at the chance to be on the <em>opposite</em> team to Cameron 3/10

  • Miriam González Durántez

    A good tactical move perhaps. Whilst distracting the opposition with her Spanish beauty and confusing hotshot lawyer speak Clegg could nip round the back and whack them over the head with pile of redundant manifestos 6/10