Google will relocate its UK headquarters to a site near King's Cross in London.

The search giant has completed a £1bn deal to buy a 2.4 acre site near the station, where it will build a seven and 11 storey complex of buildings.

Currently Google is located in St Giles, near Tottenham Court Road, with other offices in Victoria.

Construction will not start until 2013, Google said.

It will move out of those offices and into the new King's Cross complex when the site is finished in 2016.

The King's Cross Central development is a 67-acre project in total, which will be made up of shops, homes and offices.

It is built on what used to be a goods yard for fish, coal and gain, according to the BBC.

Reuters said that its neighbours will include the French bank BNP Paribas and a cultural centre run by Aga Khan, spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims.

"This is a big investment by Google. We're committing further to the UK, where computing and the web were invented," said Matt Brittin, Google's VP for northern and central Europe.

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  • Council Bluffs, Iowa

    From Google: "Inside our campus network room, routers and switches allow our data centers to talk to each other. The fiber optic networks connecting our sites can run at speeds that are more than 200,000 times faster than a typical home Internet connection. The fiber cables run along the yellow cable trays near the ceiling."

  • The Dalles, Oregon

    From Google: "These colorful pipes are responsible for carrying water in and out of our Oregon data center. The blue pipes supply cold water and the red pipes return the warm water back to be cooled."

  • Douglas County, Georgia

    From Google: "Blue LEDs on this row of servers tell us everything is running smoothly. We use LEDs because they are energy efficient, long lasting and bright."

  • Hamina, Finland

    From Google: "Server floors like these require massive space and efficient power to run the full family of Google products for the world. Here in Hamina, Finland, we chose to renovate an old paper mill to take advantage of the building's infrastructure as well as its proximity to the Gulf of Finland's cooling waters."

  • Berkeley County, South Carolina

    From Google: "In case anything should happen to our data, we have it all backed up. One of the places we back up information is here in our tape library. Robotic arms (visible at the end of the aisle) assist us in loading and unloading tapes when we need to access them."

  • Hamina, Finland

    From Google: "A beautiful landscape forms during winter in Finland, as the gulf ices over and creates a picturesque view."

  • The Dalles, Oregon

    From Google: "Mike Barham swaps out a motherboard. When server parts break, we first try to repair them. If we can't, we break them up into raw materials (steel, plastic, copper, etc.) and recycle the components."

  • Council Bluffs, Iowa

    From Google: "This family of deer have moved in next to our Council Bluffs, Iowa center."

  • The Dalles, Oregon

    From Google: "Steam rises above the cooling towers in The Dalles data center in Oregon. These plumes of water vapor create a quiet mist at dusk."

  • Hamina, Finland

    From Google: "Different data centers offer different amenities. This conference room, inside our Hamina location, is just outside a sauna area which is available for employees whenever they like."