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Plane 'Hovers' Next To Parachutist In Crazy Red Bull Stunt (VIDEO)

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Red Bull
Red Bull

Red Bull had a good 2012 when it came to ridiculous stunts involving heights, parachutes and mind-bending terror. And so far it's off to a good start this year too.

Its latest wheeze involved dropping a man from a plane with a parachute, and then managing to 'hover' the plane in mid-air next to him, in an apparent defiance of gravity.

Of course what's really going on is the plane, piloted by Martin Sonka, is sort-of-stalling, and falling at the same rate as the parachutist.

But the result is an incredible video which just proves that Red Bull gives you mind-melting amounts of money to spend on stunts, and wings, or something.

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