Pictures Of The Day: 22nd January 2013

21/01/2013 20:49 | Updated 22 January 2013

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22/01/2013 21:26 GMT

Shakira Is Admitted To The Hospital To Give Birth



Shakira is admitted to the hospital to give birth to her first child with Gerard Pique in Barcelona, Spain

22/01/2013 16:11 GMT

Shetland Ponies Wear Cardigans

visit scotland

visit scotland

Shetland Ponies pose in their bespoke Fair Isle jumpers at the Thorndale Shetland Driving Centre, Scotland. They are looked after by Frances Taylor and Jo Tonkinson. Fivla, the white pony, is 17 years old and belongs to Frances’ daughter. She is a calm and loving little pony and is very good friends with Vitamin (black pony), who is 18 years old.

22/01/2013 14:17 GMT

Snowy Scenes Across The UK

schnauzer dog snow

Jasper the miniature schnauzer dog enjoys the snow in Bottesford, Nottinghamshire

22/01/2013 13:53 GMT

Going Up!


It's not often that you see an entire escalator being hoisted up to the dizzying heights of a skyscraper, so if you've ever wondered how it happens take a look at these images taken recently by the ThyssenKrupp Elevator team. Using a rooftop crane members of the team hoisted an escalator to the 101st floor of the One World Trade Center. This is one of 11 escalators and 74 elevators being installed on the project which will include the fastest elevators in the western hemisphere.Technical specialist and ThyssenKrupp Elevator field engineer Scott Lahmers documented the entire process. Where: New York City, United States

22/01/2013 13:46 GMT

PETA & Lacey Banghard Call For Cat & Dog Birth Control

peta lacey banghard

Lacey Banghard attends a photocall for PETA to encourage pet owners to have their cats and dogs sterilised at Picadilly Circus on January 22, 2013 in London, England

22/01/2013 13:32 GMT

Son Of Brendan Rodgers Appears In Court

brendan rodgers

Anton Rodgers , with his father Brendan Rodgers arriving at the Old Bailey, London, who along with three other footballers is accused of sexual assault and voyeurism.

22/01/2013 13:03 GMT

Two People Reported Dead In House Fire In North Finchley

house fire finchley

house fire finchley

A house fire has claimed the lives of two people this morning. The cause of the blaze which took two hours to get under control and involved six fire engines and 35 fire fighters is currently under investigation

22/01/2013 13:00 GMT

Cute Or Creepy??

poodle moth

This is in fact the Venezuelan Poodle Moth, as photographed by zoologist Dr. Arthur Anker. The moth was spotted in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela's Canaima National Park. While it's hard to get a sense of scale from the picture, the moth is small at a mere 28-38 mm (a little more than an inch) and feeds on herbaceous plants. With over 11,000 species of moth in the Arctiidae family, classifying the furry moth has proven difficult. It has drawn comparisons to a muslin moth, but its exact classification remains unknown.

22/01/2013 12:09 GMT

Beautiful Wintry Scenes On The Suffolk Coast

sunset over river alde on the suffolk coast_tony p

boats at snape maltings in winter on the suffolk c

southwold beachthe suffolk coast_snow_january 2013

snape maltings in winter across river alde on the

As the big freeze continues, wintery scenes are captured on camera at Southwold beach on the Suffolk Coast. With all the news of travel disruptions and chaos across the country, it’s worth remembering how beautiful the snow can be.

22/01/2013 11:56 GMT

Portugal Train Collision Injures 21 People

portugal train collision

Workers at the scene of a train crash at a station in Alfarelos, Portugal, Tuesday Jan. 22, 2013. Emergency services say a high-speed intercity train rear-ended a local train waiting to enter a station in central Portugal, derailing several carriages leaving a pile of wreckage on Portugal’s main north-south line, slightly injuring 21 people. Officials said the local train was waiting to pull into a station near Coimbra, 200 kilometers (120 miles) north of the capital, Lisbon, when the northbound intercity train slammed into it from behind at 9.15 p. m. (2100 GMT) on Monday

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