Tearing off your clothes at the first sign of a snowflake may not be everyone's idea of a laugh, but that's exactly what this lot do to pass the time.

And they want you to know about it - hence the resultant acres of chilly flesh are emblazoned across Facebook for all to see.

What's more, browsing this gallery of goose-pimpled limbs does not make you just another garden-variety pervert. On the contrary, Naked In The Snow urges its voyeurs to donate a sum to breast cancer charity Breakthrough.

naked in the snow

Wellies, check. Hat, check. Scarf, check. Bare bottom, check

Cai Thomas told The Huffington Post UK: "The idea came about as there were a number of small groups on Facebook of people getting naked in the snow for fun, a few groups have started growing so I thought I should create a website to merge them all together and start raising some money for charity at the same time."

Cai adds the site, which took less than a day to build, is doing the business - clocking up a respectable 50,000+ hits a day.


So, from the lady clutching a er, dandelion, between her buttocks, to the chap straddling a youngster's play slide, we salute you, weird-naked-snow-people.

Oh, and you can donate cash here.

All images courtesy of Naked In The Snow/ Facebook.

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