Iran's state television announced on Monday that Tehran had successfully launched (and retrieved "intact") a monkey into space.

This throws up all sorts of highly contentious issues, the most obvious being: Is space the right place for a monkey?

In honour of this as-yet-unnamed primate, the Huffington Post UK scoured its picture archives for other monkeys in situations that they probably shouldn't be...

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  • In a spa

  • In this embarrassing and childish pose

  • In a coat. In IKEA

  • In a police station

  • In this highly compromising position

  • At a rape protest

  • On a goat

  • In possession of such a lovely hamper

  • At a picnic

  • In a cricket match

  • In PC World

  • In a baseball match

  • In the highway code

  • In a 19th century battle

  • In jail

  • In a hammock

  • In this person's roof rack

  • In this hat

  • In this safe

  • In so much fear

  • In possession of such a floppy nose

  • In captivity like this

  • Or this

  • In this crate

  • In the middle of the road with so many bananas

  • Imbibing nicotine

  • In a pre-match huddle

  • In a Q&A session

  • On a pig