Marco Materazzi Prolongs Rafael Benítez Feud With Fat Jibe

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Marco Materazzi has prolonged his feud with former Internazionale coach Rafael Benítez, quipping "So I'm a liar? He's thin then."

Materazzi last week recalled Benítez's six months at Inter with little affection when he claimed the Spaniard removed pictures of predecessor José Mourinho and added "If I was president of a club, I would not trust him with my team."

Benítez immediately stated Materazzi was lying, which elicited a riposte from the Italian world cup winner on live television.

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"So I'm a liar? He's thin then," suggested Materazzi. "That gives reason to call me a liar.

"It pains me to say good luck to Chelsea but I will anyway, I feel sorry for their fans."

marco materazzi rafael benitez

Materazzi is consoled by Benítez after Inter's Super Cup loss to Atlético Madrid in 2010

Benítez last week aggressively responded to Materazzi's accusations.

"In Italy everyone knows Materazzi and everyone at Inter knows him - he’s a liar. He’s lying. He’s lying. He’s lying, just lying. Everything he has said is a lie.

"What he said about Mourinho is not true. Nobody knew Mourinho was leaving (in 2010) and no-one knew the Inter position would become available."

Benítez was sacked just six months into his reign as Inter coach in December 2010 after the then treble winners experienced an underwhelming start to their Serie A campaign and finished second to Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League group stage.

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