David Beckham, the footballer, fashion icon, brand ambassador and general bon viveur has arrived on French soil to join Paris Saint-Germain.

Home turf has been snubbed again by the legendary player, but here at Huff Post UK, we've thought of five reasons we never wanted him anyway. And from tamer tabloids to sites touristiques our cousins over at Le Huff Post have imagined all the reasons he probably better off in Paris.

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  • He's snubbed us before..

  • He makes 37-year-old British men feel inadequate

  • He's not a real footballer, he's a celebrity

  • Beckham thought it would be "tacky" to have tattoos in English

  • This hairstyle is not acceptable for a British man

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  • He is still Ligue 1

    Of course, David Beckham is merely a shadow of the player he was when he won the Champions League with Manchester United in 1999. He runs slower and delivers weaker hits, but his physical skills have never been his forte. It is Beckham's state of mind that is important, but also his formidable right foot

  • Nothing like a quiet life

    France has quite a few magazines but nothing like the tabloid trash that swarms on the other side of the Channel. Speeding, sex scandals, teammates cuckolds, racism land, fights in pubs ... the antics of footballers regularly make headlines in British publications. In contrast, the French media leave Ligue 1 players alone. David Beckham has not much to fear from the benevolent French media.

  • The quality of life

    Gone are the "tea time" and the insipid American cafes. He does not know it yet, but David Beckham will discover another world, soft and voluptuous in the capital of luxury, good taste and gastronomy. This "French way of life" the footballer will undoubtedly appreciate with the hundreds of thousands of dollars each month he will earn.

  • He can visit fashion shows

    Here Beckham can be seen alongside Anna Wintour (fashion icon and editor of the American edition of Vogue ) during a fashion show. David Beckham is "also known for his extravagant hair and clothing," writes GQ Magazine. Successively badboy, playboy, rockstar, model, David Beckham's look has changed almost as often as his wife's hair. In Paris, he can help with his wife Victoria's fashion shows and may also take the opportunity to promote the brands of ready-to-wear fashion (H & M, Marks & Spencer ...).

  • Because he will only be there for six months

    Presumably, David Beckham will be only six months in Paris. He will have time to visit the Eiffel Tower and witness the elegance of the French, but not enough to realize that Parisians are rude.